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August Comic-Con Educational Series!

August 2021 Comic-Con Educational Series

This month’s Educational Series delves into ways to improve teaching strategies with graphic novels, gaining skill through digital gameplay, and the creative process behind a series of graphic biographies for younger readers.

Teaching the Teachers: Resources and Strategies for Upping Your Teaching Graphic Novels Game •

So you want to teach with graphic novels. GREAT! what? Tune in to a conversation of expert teachers, researchers, and practitioners as we talk about the strategies, resources, and the lessons we learned along the way to improve the way to teach with this highly effective medium. Panelists are Bill Boerman-Cornell (Using Graphic Novels in the English Language Arts Classroom, Trinity Christian College), Britta Beardsley (teacher, professional development facilitator--Great Minds), Meryl Jaffe (Worth a Thousand Words, educational consultant), Shveta Miller (Hacking Graphic Novels, literacy specialist). Moderated by Talia Hurwich (Worth a Thousand Words, NYU).

Video Games That Can Grant Real Superpowers •

In 2021, everyone is staying at home playing video games OR learning new skills online to get new jobs. But what if you could do both at the same time? Engage with an exclusive panel of game designers and developers who have redesigned the way we gain real-world power-up through video and digital gameplay. The panel will consist of Eric Basu (CEO & founder, Sentek Global Haiku Cybersecurity), Nicholas Bonardi (audio director, Ubisoft), and will be moderated by Francis Kong, MD (curator & founder, Imagine Talks). Join them and learn that when the game ends in the virtual world is the time your bonus life could begin in the real one.

Show Me History™: How to Create a Successful Nonfiction Graphic Series •

In this panel, the creators of the popular 17-book (and counting!) Show Me History™(ages 8 to 12) graphic biography series explore and explain their collaborative storytelling process. Authors Mark Shulman and James Buckley Jr. lead a lively discussion on the creative process with graphic artist Cassie Anderson and well-known lettering guru John Roshell. Expect plenty of insight on producing your own true stories as these creatives share how each person's specialties improved on the others'. The final results are fast, funny, and factual full-color graphic biographies that Show YOU History!

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Check back next month for a new slate of programs in the Comic-Con Educational Series!