Badge Shipping Deadline Update!

WonderCon Anaheim 2020

He’s devious and amoral and unreliable and irresponsible, and this time he got into our badge printers. Even Picard can’t best Q when a whim for chaos takes him! Due to a badge printing delay, we have extended our WonderCon Anaheim 2020 badge shipping deadline to March 16, 2020. Buy your badge before that date, and we’ll ship it to you at Warp 9. No need to wait in line onsite!

To ensure your badges don’t have a transporter malfunction, you’ll need to log in to your Comic-Con Member ID account and verify your badge shipping address. This information is found on the “Contact Info” tab. A green check and a “Shipping address verified” message means you are good to go and can sit back to enjoy some tea (Earl Grey, hot)!

As long as the Borg don’t assimilate our badge printers into their Collective, badges will begin shipping on or around March 26, 2020. Badges will be shipped via USPS in a plain white envelope. If your badge is not delivered for any reason (lost/delayed/returned/trouble with tribbles) you may replace it onsite for free at the Attendee Badge Solutions Desk in Hall D. Please bring your printed badge confirmation and a photo ID! Your badge confirmation can be found on the “Registration Info” tab of your Member ID account.

To receive your WonderCon Anaheim 2020 souvenir book, bag, and lanyard, avoid the Q Continuum and proceed directly to Hall D when you arrive. You’ll need to tap your badge on an RFID portal to enter the Anaheim Convention Center, so make sure you have it easily accessible to avoid delays.

We encourage you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and (of course) Toucan – the Captain’s Log of Comic-Con and WonderCon Anaheim - in the next few weeks for updates. We have exciting announcements about the exclusives portal coming soon.