Check Your Tech Before it’s Too Late!

Comic-Con International 2016 Registration Update

It’s the final countdown! The waiting room will open tomorrow at 8:00 AM Pacific Standard Time tomorrow for Open Registration 2016. Professor Toucan wants to ensure that you’ve got all your tech checked before the big day.  It is critical that your browser in compatible with the Expo Logic Registration waiting room, or you may experience difficulties.

1. Are you using a compatible browser and device?

The Expo Logic badge registration system has been tested on the following browsers. We cannot guarantee your results should you use a browser not listed here.

  • Firefox: Any Version
  • Google Chrome: Any Version
  • Internet Explorer: Version 8 or later
  • Safari: Any Version
  • EDGE: Any Version

Your browser should have JavaScript and cookies enabled to function reliably with the Expo Logic waiting room. These features are usually enabled in the default configuration of most modern web browsers.

The Expo Logic badge registration system is not formatted for iPad or mobile devices. Although mobile devices have been tested and can be used to purchase a badge during preregistration, Comic-Con is unable to assure that the registration system will behave as expected using a mobile device.

To see if your browser is compatible, CLICK HERE.

You must run the test directly from this link to receive accurate results. 

2. Is there a way to gain an advantage in the waiting room?

Since attendees are moved at random from the waiting room to a registration session, luck and patience are your most powerful weapons! Short of a leprechaun holding a four-leaf clover and lucky horseshoe, here are some tips to keep things running smoothly while you wait.

• Don’t refresh! The waiting room will automatically refresh every 120 seconds.

• Do not (we repeat, do not) run multiple browser tabs or instances of the waiting room. Attempting to access the waiting room using multiple browser tabs will confuse the process and cause your transaction to fail.

• Make sure your computer’s power-saving settings are off or adjust them if needed. You don’t want your computer to power down or go to sleep while you’re in the waiting room.

• Do not use “Private Browsing” during your waiting room or registration session. Some private browsing applications disable cookies and can cause major technical issues.

3. Will you need multiple computers to register a family of four?

No, we don’t expect you all to have an unlimited supply of MacBooks at your fingertips! If you have a family of four with four unique registration codes, simply open four separate browsers on your device and enter one registration code per browser. It goes a little something like this …

1. Open Safari (or another browser of choice). Click the link in your email to access the Expo Logic landing page. Enter your first registration code on the landing page and authorize that browser to enter the waiting room.

2. Open Google Chrome on the same computer. Repeat the steps above and enter your second registration code on the landing page to authorize this browser to enter the waiting room.

3. Open Firefox and Internet Explorer on the same computer and repeat the steps above for the third and fourth registration codes.

Voila! You are on your way to registering your fantastic party of four.  Please keep in mind that not all eligible attendees will be selected for a registration session. It is possible that none of your waiting room entries will be selected.

We also strongly encourage you to visit our Open Registration page for detailed instructions and watch the step-by-step tutorial video before tomorrow’s sale.