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Comic-Con 2017 Open Registration Tutorial Video

Comic-Con International Registration Update

It's Friday night Comic-Con fans, and you know what that means .... it's time to Netflix and chill prepare for Open Registration! 

If you are participating in Open Registration for the first time, Professor Toucan is here with a super helpful video tutorial to familiarize yourself with the entire process, start to finish.  Even if you’re a Comic-Con badge sale master, it’s always a good idea to brush up on your skills and know what to expect if you are selected for a registration session. 
In addition to the tutorial video, Professor Toucan has been busy all week prepping you good folks for the sale.
Got questions about registration codes? Professor has you covered!
Still confused about what time to enter the waiting room? Professor explains why there's no need to hurry! 
Professor Toucan and all of us at Comic-Con thank you for your support and patience during this delayed registration process. We are humbled by the incredible interest in our event. You the real MVPs!  
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