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Comic-Con 2017 Returning Registration: Coming Soon!

Comic-Con 2017 Registration Update

Greetings! Professor Toucan here. Thank you all for joining me. I have some important information about registering for and purchasing your Comic-Con 2017 attendee badges. Comic-Con International has been diligently working to get everything ready for you and ensuring the badge registration process is as easy and smooth as possible.

First, I’d like to let you know what will be the same about this year’s process for both Returning Registration and Open Registration. I know you all are quite savvy, but a quick refresher is always a good thing!

Only those that purchased a Comic-Con 2016 attendee badge are eligible to participate in Returning Registration.

First time attendees, professionals, guests of professionals, trade professionals, exhibitors (and exhibitor-purchased attendee badges), volunteers, staff, complimentary passes, and retailers are not be eligible to participate in 2017 Returning Registration for attendees. Online registration for these categories will occur at a later date.

Badge registration and purchasing will take place through the Expo Logic waiting room—the same as last year.

Depending on which sale(s) you are eligible for, you will receive an email with a link to the Expo Logic landing page and a registration code that is unique to you. You will still be able to access your personal registration code in your Comic-Con Member ID account. As always, you can register for and purchase badges for up to 3 people, including you! 

Now it’s time for the good stuff … what is being updated for 2017? You will no longer need to input a buyer shipping address during badge purchase. We are shipping badges directly to the attendee associated with that badge, instead of the buyer. For example, Black Canary purchased a badge for herself, you, and Green Arrow during badge registration. Black Canary’s badge will be shipped to her, your badge will be shipped to you, and Green Arrow’s badge will be shipped to him. However, international attendees will still pick up their badges onsite.

Because your badge will be shipped to you (regardless of whom the purchaser is) it is important you log into your Comic-Con Member ID account as soon as possible to ensure your contact information is correct. The deadline to change the mailing address in your Member ID account is May 18, 2017. Your Comic-Con 2017 badge will be shipped to the address on file as of that date.

For more information about Comic-Con 2017 Returning Registration, please click here.

Make sure to bookmark me here at Toucan, the official blog of Comic-Con and WonderCon, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram,  for the latest registration updates. As always, Comic-Con will continue to offer one of the most generous child badge policies in the industry. Children age 12 and under are free with a paid adult!