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Comic-Con 2017 Souvenir Book Call for Submissions!

Comic-Con International Souvenir Book

Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Souvenir Book cover by Babs Tarr. Wonder Woman TM & © DC Comics.

The Comic-Con International Souvenir Book is a keepsake full-color trade paperback given FREE to all attendees (while supplies last). The book features bios and photos of each year's special guests, plus articles and art created by fans and pros devoted to our anniversary celebrations. It also functions as a kind of "Yearbook" for the show, featuring Eisner Award winners from the past year and current nominees, Hall of Fame inductees, and tributes to those popular arts creators who have passed away in the previous year. (The 2016 Souvenir Book, shown at left, featured an exclusive cover by Babs Tarr, commemorating the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman.)

As in previous years, Comic-Con is accepting articles and artwork from professionals and fans alike, based on the anniversaries we’re celebrating this year (see below for a current listing). This is your chance to submit something for consideration in the book!

Please note: Due to space limitations, not all submissions can be featured in the book. Submitting an article or a piece of art is not a guarantee that it will be used. We are accepting art and articles based only on the celebrations listed below. Articles should be of an historical non-fiction nature.

This year’s anniversary celebrations include:

Comic-Con International 2017 Souvenir Book

Jack Kirby photo by Jackie Estrada; Batgirl and Batman TM & © DC Comics


100th Birthday Celebration of Jack Kirby

King Kirby either created or co-created some of the greatest comics icons in the world, including Captain America, Thor, Hulk, the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, the X-Men, the New Gods, Mister Miracle, Demon, Kamandi, OMAC, Captain Victory, Silver Star, and many more. Jack defined the modern superhero and provided the superhero blueprint for not only comics, but movies, too. There’s plenty to draw there!

100th Birthday Celebration of Will Eisner

Will Eisner not only created the thinking man’s comics series in The Spirit, but went on to create an award-winning series of graphic novels later in his career. His life and work have been a huge influence on countless comics creators; there’s a reason why Comic-Con hosts the “Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards” each year, and that’s due to Will’s legacy and ongoing influence on comics.

In addition, we’d like to hear from you if you have a memory or ever met Jack Kirby or Will Eisner in person. We have a special “Close Encounters of the Kirby Kind” and “Close Encounters of the Eisner Kind” series of articles in mind, and if you have a photo to go along with your encounter, even better! Check our Souvenir Book page for complete info on how to submit articles and photos for consideration in this year’s book.

This year’s book will also salute a number of other comics creators with milestone anniversaries in articles. We’ll announce the Souvenir Book’s final contents as we get closer to Comic-Con in July.

50th Anniversary of Batgirl

In 1967, Batgirl re-entered the comics scene with a big splash. While the character originally appeared in Batman comics in the early 1960s, it was the re-imagining of her as Barbara Gordon (Commissioner Gordon’s daughter)—coupled with the late Yvonne Craig playing her on the popular Batman TV show in 1967—that catapulted (or should we say Bat-apulted?) her to fame. Since then, Batgirl has maintained a constant presence in comics with her own series and team-ups with groups such as Birds of Prey, and has gotten a new lease on life with creators such as Gail Simone, Babs Tarr, and Hope Larson.

25th Anniversary of Batman: The Animated Series

Hot on the heels of the success of the two Tim Burton-directed Batman movies in 1989 and 1992, WB Animation launched an animated series of Batman adventures, known as Batman: The Animated Series and The Adventures of Batman and Robin, appearing 5 days a week on Fox Kids and lasting for 85 episodes. It’s regarded as one of the best adaptations of the Batman character (and universe) outside of comics and went on to win a slew of Emmy and Annie Awards, and spawned a plethora of other animated TV series and direct-to-video movies that continue to this day.

The deadline for submissions is April 14, 2017.

For complete information on the anniversary celebrations, plus how to contribute— including file formats and technical information—please click here to visit our Souvenir Book page.