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Comic-Con 2018 Exclusive Signings Added!


Professor Toucan here! It's time to share the recently added Comic-Con 2018 exclusives signings! You have until July 12 to submit interest – so take your time, have a cup of tea, and check out the rest of this blog before heading over to the Exclusives Portal.

I received a LOT of positive feedback from WonderCon Anaheim 2018 concerning the online Exclusives Portal. Thus, in the ongoing interest of constantly improving the fan experience at our shows, I’m happy as a bird with a french fry to give it a whirl (as you may already know) at Comic-Con this year.

Turns out, submitting interest in exclusive signings via the online Exclusives Portal greatly decreases the time that you, our fantastic fans, spend waiting in line. That means everyone gets to spend more time exploring events in the Convention Center, attending panels, checking out the Exhibit Hall – whatever your heart desires! 

For those lucky fans out there who are randomly selected to participate in one of our exclusive signings, we’ll have a convenient pick-up spot for you to retrieve your fancy wristband. We will even inform you when and where to do so before you get onsite to relieve some of the (exciting) pressure of how to spend your limited amount of time at the show!

Remember, you must submit interest in an exclusive signing before the deadline (July 12, 2018 at 12:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time) – but there’s no need to rush right away! If you have a Comic-Con 2018 badge linked to your Comic-Con Member ID account, and you’re age 13 or older, you are eligible to participate. All you need to do is log in to your Member ID account, click the link under the “Exclusives” tab, and then scroll through the Exclusives Portal to choose the exclusives you’re interested in. Make sure to read and agree to the Terms & Conditions before you add an exclusive to your cart. Don’t forget to click the cart icon, and then the “Click Here to Submit” button!

You may only submit interest in exclusive signings that are on the day(s) for which you have a Comic-Con badge. So, if you have badges to attend on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you can submit interest in all the exclusive signings you wish to participate in, except for those that occur on Thursday. 

You’ll find out if you were selected to participate in an exclusive signing, and/or an exclusive merchandise purchasing time slot, on or around July 13, 2018. Remember, adding an exclusive signing to your cart does not guarantee you will be randomly selected. We’ll send you an email when the random selection process is complete. Then, you can just log back into the Exclusives Portal to see if you were selected. Easy peasy and no sleeping on the sidewalk overnight!

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