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Comic-Con and Mondo Partner for Souvenir Book Cover and Exclusive Print

Comic-Con is pleased to announce a historic partnership with world-famous Mondo on this year’s Souvenir Book cover, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The cover, designed and illustrated by Matt Taylor, features a plethora of Marvel movie characters spanning the last decade. Taylor is known for his illustration work on book covers and album covers, and of course, his many Mondo prints including: Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor Ragnarok, and Star Wars. Bonus: He is also joining us as a Comic-Con special guest this year!

Comic-Con 2018 Exclusive Mondo/Marvel Print

Souvenir Book cover (left); Exclusive Print (right). Art by Matt Taylor, © 2018 MARVEL. Click the image to see a larger version!


New this year, the Souvenir Book cover is being reproduced as an exclusive print, utilizing Mondo’s signature high-quality silkscreen technique. This giant (24” x 36”) print is on 100 lb. paper stock and printed in 8 colors. Each print will be numbered by the printer and signed by artist Matt Taylor.

This print is available exclusively to Comic-Con 2018 attendees, and offered in a very limited run of 1,000 copies. If you have a Comic-Con 2018 attendee badge linked to your Comic-Con Member ID account, you are eligible to submit interest in purchasing this special print. The Comic-Con 2018 Exclusives Portal is now open until Thursday, June 7 at 12:00 PM (noon) Pacific Time, for submissions of interest for the Mondo Print. You may submit your interest in a Mondo print, but please remember that doesn’t guarantee you’ll get one. We said this is limited, right? Only one submission of interest per Member ID, please … you can only “apply” once! (The final print and cover will not include the “” watermark on it)

Ok, so what about the details and fine-print? All the stuff you need to know to submit interest is right here, but this is the quick version. Starting tomorrow, log in to your Member ID account, click the link under the “Exclusives” tab to load the Exclusives Portal, and submit your interest. Only attendees who are eligible to submit interest will be able to load the Exclusives Portal. Professionals, retailers, members of the press, and exhibitors are not eligible to participate.

The deadline to submit interest is next Thursday, June 7, at 12:00 PM (noon) Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). On or around June 12, 2018 be on the lookout for an email notification letting you know that the random selection process is complete. That email will include information about how to see if you were selected.

The cost of the print is $65.00 + sales tax ($5.04) for a grand total of $70.04. Although the prints are numbered, you cannot request a specific number. You must submit payment via credit card before June 29, and you can only pick up your print onsite during the event … we will NOT be mailing these out! Attendees who were selected to purchase a print must check their selection confirmation for details about onsite redemption, and pick-up hours and location.

Mondo prints sell out fast each time one is released on their website, and we expect this one—a first-time ever Comic-Con exclusive print—to sell out, too. A limited number of the prints have been set aside for fundraising purposes for the forthcoming Comic-Con museum in San Diego’s Balboa Park, so if you don’t get one this time, there’s a chance you can get one later on through the museum.

About Mondo

Mondo is an expanding enterprise with a passionate love of film, art, music and pop culture, best known for creating limited-edition posters, vinyl soundtracks, premium collectibles and games. Based in Austin, Texas, the team collaborates with an international network of talented artists and creators to produce the highest quality products inspired by licensed properties and original IPs. Over the last decade, Mondo has partnered with leading entertainment brands including DC Comics, HBO, Marvel, Paramount Pictures, Sony, Universal Studios, Walt Disney Studios and Warner Brothers, along with dozens of independent studios and filmmakers from around the world. Find out more at