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Comic-Con Announces 8th Wave of 2018 Special Guests!

Here we grow again! It’s Monday, so here are 6 more amazing special guests for Comic-Con 2018! Today’s guests joinin the previously announced Rafael Albuquerque, Marc Bernardin, Thi Bui, Aminder Dhaliwal, Cory Doctorow, Emil Ferris, Brian Fies, Andy Fish, Veronica Fish, Alex Grecian, Elizabeth Hand, Deborah Harkness, R. C. Harvey, Nalo Hopkinson, Larry F. Houston, E. K. Johnson, Lynn Johnston, Jeff Lemire, Paul Levitz, Richard Liniers Siri, Jason Lutes, David Mack, Larry Marder, Scott McCloud, Mike Mignola, Terry Moore, Ann Nocenti, Daniel José Older, Randy Reynaldo, Jeff Smith, Maggie Thompson, Peter J. Tomasi, Tillie Walden, and Jen Wang, bringing our total up to 40 special guests so far this year!

Comic-Con International 2018 Special Guests


Our eighth wave of Comic-Con International 2018 special guests includes:

  • Mark Evanier • Writer, producer, comics historian, Kirby: King of Comics
  • Manuele Fior • Writer, artist, Cinq Mille Kilomètres Par Seconde, Mademoiselle Else
  • Richard Friend • Artist, inker, Immortal Men, WildC.A.T.s, Forever Evil
  • Jim Lee  • Publisher, DC Comics, artist, Batman: Hush, Superman Unchained
  • Lonnie Millsap • Cartoonist, bacon
  • Matt Taylor • Illustrator, Mondo posters, book covers
Click here to see full bios and photos for all of our 2018 special guests.

We’ll be back next Monday with more special guests for Comic-Con International 2018!

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