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Comic-Con International 2014 Registration Update #1

Registration Update
Seasons Greetings from Comic-Con!

We wanted to give everyone a heads up that 2014 badge preregistration for Comic-Con will not occur in November. Expo Logic registration is fine tuning the process and needs a little more time to make sure everything is in order. As soon as we have a better idea of the timeline we will let everyone know at least 48 hours prior to preregistration going live. So in the meantime, please relax and enjoy your upcoming Thanksgiving weekend!

And while the team at Expo Logic Registration is working hard this weekend, here are some steps you can take to get ready for the big day.

1. Confirm that you are eligible to participate in badge preregistration.

Log in to your Member ID account by clicking here.  If you are eligible to participate you will see a message on your homepage that says, “You are eligible to participate in Comic-Con 2014 Attendee badge preregistration.” For eligibility information, please click here.

2. Check your Membership Type.

While logged in to your Member ID account, confirm that your Membership Type is correct. This information is found in the “Change My Preferences/Unsubscribe” section. If you are a junior, senior, or member of the military, make sure that your Membership Type reflects this status so you are shown the available discounts on the day of the sale. If your Membership Type is listed as “Adult,” you will not receive the discount.

3. Do not “opt-out” of emails from Comic-Con.

This information is found in the "Change My Preferences/Unsubscribe" section once you have logged in to your Member ID account. If you have selected to “opt-out” of email notifications from Comic-Con, you will not be notified of the preregistration sale date and time.

4. Double check your Expo Logic login information.

Once you are logged in to your account, select the “Show My Info” option. Your personal registration login info will be displayed at the top of the gray box. Be sure to use this information only when logging in to the Expo Logic registration system. Even if your last name is spelled incorrectly, enter the login info exactly as shown on the sale day or you may get locked out! You may change the spelling of your name after the sale.