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Comic-Con 2022

Comic-Con Newsletter Goes Paperless

It's been a very long three years since the last full-fledged in-person Comic-Con, and the daily newsletter Comic-Con Today is looking forward to bringing you daily updates on all things Comic-Con as a purely digital publication. For years, we have contemplated moving away from a print newsletter, and what do you know, the global pandemic forced our hand.

With the 2020 and 2021 Comic-Con@Home and Comic-Con Special Edition events, we’ve come up with a process and a format that will get you the information you want and need without getting ink on your fingers. Each morning (Thursday, July 21 – Sunday, July 24), you can access Comic-Con Today via or scan one of the QR Codes, posted around the Center on-site, to go to the publication.

As you know, COVID protocols including mandatory masking will be in place at Comic-Con. We expect Comic-Con attendees to go big when it comes to fun, cool, and creative masks and COVID-related cosplay. We’ll be highlighting some of our favorites each day.

We’ve also got a preview in the works of the newly opened Spider-Man: Beyond Amazing exhibit at the Comic-Con Museum. We’ll have features on different aspects of Comic-Con, highlights, updates, Toucan Tips, and photo galleries, as well as results from the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards and the Masquerade on-stage costume competition. As always, we won’t shy away from those controversial topics like how to stay hydrated at Comic-Con. Spoiler Alert: Drink more water!

Comic-Con Today is psyched to be back doing our thing and helping make your con experience a little bit richer. See you all soon!

Join us over the next few days as we post more Toucan Tips to help you enjoy and better explore Comic-Con 2022!

Bookmark Toucan for the latest Toucan Tips as we hurtle towards Comic-Con 2022, July 21-24 at the San Diego Convention Center!