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Comic-Con Newsletter Triumphant Digital Return

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Can you believe it? It's already been 10 years since the last Comic-Con@Home. Wait, what…. It's only been about a year? Hmm, our calendar informs us that it's only been about a year since the last Comic-Con@Home. Gee whiz, that was a long dang year.

While there is light at the end of the global pandemic tunnel, we're not quite ready to fill the San Diego Convention Center to the rafters with an in-person Comic-Con. That means one more year of Comic-Con@Home, and once again the Comic-Con Today newsletter is coming along for the ride. This year, the Newsletter is being done as a web page, not an email. This way, you don't have to worry about it going into your spam folder, and Comic-Con doesn't have to worry about our email service being shut down in the middle of the show for spamming. We’re going to call that a win-win.

Each morning (Friday, July 23–Sunday, July 25), look for all the great stuff you've come to expect from Comic-Con Today, news, highlights, and updates of all things Comic-Con@Home. We’ll have a guide on navigating Comic-Con@Home, as well as Toucan Tips, and the Eisner Awards and Virtual Masquerade results and more. Of course, we know that what you really look for in Comic-Con Today is the hard-hitting investigative journalism on ground-breaking stories such as, where did the Art Show get to and how to donate blood without resorting to vampire cosplay. This year, we plan to blow the lid off the Comic-Con Merch store. The results may be shocking.

Once again, this year, we’re soliciting photographs from the heart and soul of Comic-Con, our fans, pros, and exhibitors. Look for the submission link in Friday’s Newsletter. The link will remain open until the early evening of Saturday, July 24.  Please include a caption with submissions and the name/handle of the photographer. Do bear in mind that captions are subject to editing, and photos are subject to cropping.

We’re looking forward to seeing what you bring us.