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Comic-Con@Home 2021 SuperVolunteer Challenge: Volume 1

Comic-Con International
We know our Comic-Con and WonderCon volunteers are the best in the land. And we also know that many of them are out there helping in their communities.


As we did in 2020, for Comic-Con@Home 2021 we have issued a challenge to our volunteers to find a non-profit in their community and start a new volunteer experience or to tell us about any current on-going volunteer work they are doing. Those who emailed us with a photo or two and a little bit about the experience earned a "SuperVolunteer" badge! Turns out they helped at a wide variety of venues, so please meet some of our SuperVolunteers below. We will put up new stories periodically, so stay tuned.


In addition to volunteering for Comic-Con, our first set of SuperVolunteers have been volunteering in their communities for a LONG while. See their stories and photos below:


Jennifer G.

Jennifer G., Oceanside, CA says: My corgi - Booberry - and I volunteer with the organization Love on a Leash, which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing volunteer pet therapy teams to engage in meaningful and productive animal assisted therapy. Together, Boo and I visit hospitals and residential care facilities throughout North County.

Boo earned his Therapy Dog certification in 2018 and enjoys making the rounds through care facilities, bringing a smile to everyone he meets.  Sometimes he dresses up in costumes and is often described as a real ham! 

In the group picture, that's me in the back, wearing sunglasses holding Booberry (officially known as Bigelbach's Booberry Short Stack of the Fancy Pants), and next to us is Boo's nephew!  2020 was a tough year; our visits were all but eliminated due to Covid. But as facilities reopen we have resumed our visits.

Sue Lord (Director of Volunteer Services) says: This is just so doggone good! What you and Booberry (aka Sir Short Stack of the Fancy Pants) and the others from Love on a Leash are doing makes a HUGE difference to those you visit. Thank you all!!


Betsy W.

Betsy W, Wasilla, AK, says: I am a lifetime member of WASI, the Wasilla Area Seniors, Inc and try to support their efforts to reach seniors in need in our area. Each summer they have a 5K that raises money for the Meals on Wheels program which delivers hot lunches to homebound seniors. This year they also had an online silent auction which was a big success and a lot of fun for everyone that was involved.

Sue says: Lucky seniors in Wasilla!! As a senior myself, I may have to move to Wasilla so you guys can take care of me! Thanks to you and all the Super Volunteers in WASI.


Chioma l.

Chioma I, Valley Center, CA says: Hello there!!  It's me, Chioma!  I volunteer at my church, Chollas View United Methodist Church, working at the food bank! We got a delivery of face masks for the church and here I am, putting the boxes in the storage room. 

Sue says: You may remember Chioma from the Comic-Con@Home 2020 SuperVolunteer challenge. She sends the best photos and always looks like she is having fun! Thanks, Chioma, for all you do. Wakanda Forever!


Eileen D.

Eileen D., Fallbrook, CA says: I have had the privilege of being a volunteer most of my life, starting as a teenager volunteering at Fairview State Hospital. 

I’ve served as a board member at the Boys & Girls Club of North County, Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce and Bonsall Woman’s Club. I’ve also volunteered at local schools, and with many other non-profits throughout San Diego County. 

During the devastating 2007 Fallbrook fires where 100 homes were lost, I was part of a volunteer team who manned phones for many days to keep evacuated residents up to date on factual information. I also acted as an information liaison with the media. 

After the fires I took on the volunteer role of interviewing & disbursing County emergency funds for those impacted. It was very emotional hearing the stories of those who had lost so much. But these same people were also strong and courageous. 

I organized “Operation United Families” to help enlisted Marine families at Camp Pendleton. I chaired the fundraiser “Magic of Christmas” for many years to raise money for our local Art Center and the Boys & Girls Club. 

For the last 20 years I have also served on the Fallbrook Planning Group. We are elected by the community, but these are unpaid /volunteer positions. We advise the County of San Diego on roads, design & architecture, paths & trails and other land use issues in our town . 

I head up the Fallbrook Revitalization Infrastructure Committee. This is a community committee enacted by our San Diego County Supervisor to work on updating our downtown zoning and infrastructure. 

This is just some of the volunteer work that I have done through the years.  I volunteer because I care about helping others and making our world a better place to live. 

I have had the incredible experience of being nominated and chosen as an Olympic Torch Bearer in the 2002 Olympics because of my community service. I have also had the honor of being named as Fallbrook Citizen of the Year and a California State Senate Woman of the Year because of my volunteer work. 

I have been attending Comic-Con with my granddaughter for the last 6 years. And as of 2019 I can add Comic-Con to the list of wonderful volunteer experiences that I have had. I’m looking forward to volunteering at SDCC 2022!

“By helping others, you help yourself!

Sue says: Not only are you a SuperVolunteer, Eileen, I see from the photo with your granddaughter that you are the QUEEN of volunteers. You have helped and encouraged so many people in Fallbrook, in the Military, at Comic-Con and now it's time to proudly display the SuperVolunteer badge for all to see!

Keep your eyes peeled for Volume 2!