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Comic-Con@Home 2021 SuperVolunteer Challenge: Volume 2

Comic-Con International
These volunteers have made an impact by doing a single kind act or by making the most of their time volunteering with one organization.


Jeanette B.

Jeanette B., Moreno Valley, CA says: I did an UP-themed photoshoot for a family whose member is fighting breast cancer. We donated our photography services. The member said we made her feel so comfortable that she was able to post the photos on social media...and her sisters loved them! We were honored to be able to make her feel beautiful. I told her, "I don’t see a cancer patient, I see a beautiful woman that’s in a fight and I want to help!”

Sue Lord (Director of Volunteer Services) says: These are awesome photos and I'm sure that family is feeling the fighting spirit! This was a very gracious gift! You can make a big difference with one simple act of kindness!

Michael M., Oceanside, CA says: I have volunteered as treasurer for the Ocean Hills Country Club, Senior Fitness Club.  They provide chair yoga for seniors 55 yrs. and up.  Please let me know if this suffices.  I receive no pay for this position.

Sue says: Oh, yeah, this more than suffices. Fitness is SO important for seniors. Well done!


Ann R.

Ann R. La Mesa, CA says: I knew as much about Meals on Wheels as anybody…they deliver meals to seniors who are home-bound…and I saw they had a sharp increase in demand during the Pandemic, so I submitted my application.  Like Batman, I enjoy working independently, which, during this pandemic, works beautifully!  I showed up for my assignment and off I went using their clever delivery app which showed me the way to each home. I find each delivery very gratifying and I am always welcomed with hearty Hello’s and Thank you’s.  The assignments are during lunch and only last an hour or two. 

Sue says: Ann says MOW needs more drivers. It is so important to help the home-bound. Great job, Ann! (And nice Batman reference.)


Danielle A.

Danielle A., San Diego, CA says: I have continued my "one and done" volunteer experiences by taking on a day of building desk drawers. The desks are being made at a local woodworking shop (where I've taken classes) for impoverished middle school children. (This is a photo of my wood gluing work on drawers.)

I am also an on-call graffiti cover-up specialist in my community. (Please see the before and after in the gallery below.) We have a community artist who paints electrical boxes, sometimes they need TLC. (Sample covering up graffiti near electrical box)

Sue says: Danielle is also in blog #3 with a story about volunteering at a vaccine site. She is a busy, busy SuperVolunteer. Whether it's a One and Done or a longer commitment, she makes it count. Good job, Danielle!!


Margaret B.
Honorary SuperVolunteer

Margaret B. San Diego, CA says: Prior to the last year, I volunteered in the San Diego Library book sale area which is at the University Heights Branch.  One day a week, you could find me sorting and arranging the art, architecture, and literature aisles.  It was heaven.  In December 2019, I was placed in a nursing home.  Since then, my great adventure has been a battle with cancer.  I did not volunteer for this, but I am certainly challenged.

Sue says: Even though, right now, you can't continue the volunteer work you did at the library, rest assured that all you have done is remembered and appreciated and those books are waiting for you to come back. Keep up the good fight - we NEED you! (BTW - great smile and nice Comic-Con volunteer badge in your photo. Now you can wear your lovely smile with a SUPERVOLUNTEER badge!)

Stay tuned for Volume 3!