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Comic Creator Connection Success Stories: We Want to Hear From You!

In 2010 at APE, Comic-Con International introduced a new feature at its shows known as the Comic Creator Connection. The CCC (as we fondly call it for short) is an event that places writers and artists together to see whether they can find their creative counterparts for future collaboration. Here's how it works: writers and artists sit down and meet each other in a neutral environment. In 5-minute sessions, they talk one-on-one with individual prospective collaborators about their ideas and skills. At the end of each 5-minute period, they get up and move on to the next person. If they're interested in furthering the conversation, they place their contact info (name and email address) on a supplied card for that prospective partner.

Comic Creator Connection at APE 2013

The latest Comic Creator Connection at APE 2013.

Photo by Barry Brown © 2013 SDCC

Since it’s inception, the CCC has been featured at all three of Comic-Con International’s events: WonderCon in the spring, Comic-Con in the summer, and APE in the fall. It’s recently come to our attention that some of our “match-ups” have resulted in published comics. If you’re one of those teams that met at a CCI-sponsored Comic Creator Connection at any of our events and have published a comic book with your new collaborator, we want to hear from you! Please contact us at and tell us your story for a future article on this blog. And watch for future Comic Creator Connection events at all of our 2014 shows, where you can get in on the fun and possibly meet the person that’s going to help you jumpstart your comics career!

Please note: We know there are lots of new and great comics published out there every month, however we’d only like to hear from publishers who have created comics after meeting a collaborator in one of our Comic Creator Connection events at a Comic-Con sponsored show (including WonderCon and APE).