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Comic-Con International Registration Update

As October quickly turns to November, Comic-Con International would like you to update your autumn to-do list!  Somewhere between “Knit a new Jayne beanie” and “Practice lightsaber moves for the December 18th premiere,” please add “Update your Comic-Con mailing address” to the most critical tasks of fall 2015!

As we continue to evaluate our registration and badge fulfillment process, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to make the experience easier and more enjoyable for our attendees. We are currently researching the option of mailing out Comic-Con and WonderCon badges prior to the event, which should make your arrival at the Con fast, easy, and convenient. No more waiting in line to pick up your badge!

To ensure we have your most current information on file, please log in to your Comic-Con Member ID account today and confirm your mailing address. This information is found on the “My Account” tab under the “ADDRESS/PHONE” section. If your address is incorrect, simply click the “ADDRESS/PHONE” link, enter your password and new zip code, then complete the address update process.

If you are eligible to participate in Comic-Con 2016 Attendee Preregistration, we strongly encourage you to update your address today! The Member ID system will close for changes—without notice—in advance of Attendee Preregistration. Make sure you have updated your mailing address before you participate in preregistration.