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d4: Tabletop Creative Conference Takes Shape!

d4 Tabletop Creative Conference, June 5-6

d4: Tabletop Creative Conference is a two-day virtual event bringing creators from across the tabletop gaming community together to discuss a range of topics, including:

  • Design: The creation of play patterns, artwork, and graphics that elevate the gaming experience.
  • Develop: Testing and improvement of games towards publication.
  • Discuss: Marketing and media in the tabletop game space, from podcasts to promotion and everything in-between.
  • Discover: An emphasis on helping players and publishers identify emerging trends and hot new games that define the future of the hobby.

Our online gathering will include 20 pre-recorded panels including such tabletop gaming professionals as actor Matthew Lillard (CEO, Beadle & Grimms), Tanya DePass (Creative Director, CypherCo LLC), and more.

We’re also excited to announce that we will host a live stream game pitch review for aspiring tabletop game creators to practice rallying resources and finances behind new game ideas. Game creators will present their game concepts, designs, and ideas to a panel of industry experts. The experts will provide feedback for the game itself as well as the quality of the presentation. Feedback will focus on helping designers develop and better discuss their ideas. Participation in the game pitch review is free, but space is limited, so interest must be submitted for consideration. 

More details on the panels, invited guests, and the game pitch review will be posted to our d4 webpage soon!

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