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February Comic-Con Educational Series!

We are proud to present the next group of panels as a part of the Comic-Con Educational Series. Check back the third Thursday of each month for a new slate of online panels focused on a wide variety of education topics. In the future we are also planning to provide curriculum resources for educators.

Since the founding of Comic-Con in 1970, one of our primary goals has been to support the education community and to promote the discovery of new ways to incorporate comics and pop culture into the classroom. While the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has changed many things, it has not deterred us from our goal.

Teachers, academics, librarians, publishers, and researchers will be offering their views about how comic books can help educators tackle some of the challenges of modern education.

Laugh & Learn: Humor in Kids Comics •

What do you call a graphic novel with no humor? An adult graphic novel! But seriously: humor is key to many beloved children’s comics. In this panel, discover new funny books that will leave kids gleefully giggling and loving to read. Panelists include Lincoln Peirce (Big Nate), Sarah Kuhn (The Riverdale Diaries), Mika Song (Donut Feed The Squirrels), and Art Baltazar (Gillbert). The discussion will be moderated by Brigid Alverson (School Library Journal).

Comics and the Art of Visual Storytelling

With the growing global awareness of visual literacy, there are elements of storytelling that have always been a natural part of our reading and learning experience. These panelists will talk about what these elements are, how they have developed and why the comics world has always been an important part of our reading and learning. Panelists include story consultant/author/master storyteller Kendall Haven (Story Smart: Using the Science of Story to Persuade, Inspire, Influence, and Teach), Professor of Art + Design Education at Northern Illinois University Dr. Kerry Freedman (Teaching Visual Culture) and award-winning freelance writer, comic book creator, playwright, teaching artist, international and educational consultant Alex Simmons (Blackjack). Moderated by publishing industry veteran John Shableski (Reading With Pictures).

The Importance of a Creative Outlet for Mental Health •

This year has brought the importance of mental health to our full attention. With thousands of people losing their jobs, the uncertainty of the world's future, and the deaths of many loved ones, we need new ways to keep our spirits up and our hopes strong. Join us as we discuss the connection between creativity and mental health with Dr. Steven Chan (Clinical Assistant Professor, Standford Medical Center), Dr. Alicia Zhou (Chief Science Officer, Color), and Liezl Fernando (Manufacturing Engineer, Bluepoint Controls) - Moderated by Dr. Francis Kong (Curator & Founder, Imagine Talks). They will share their insights on how to create a healthier mental outlook as we break through this challenge in our history together.

Check back next month for a new slate of programs in the Comic-Con Educational Series!