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February Comic-Con Educational Series!

This month we explore lessons from The Expanse that can be used in the classroom and in life to help us become our best selves.


Comic-Con Educational Series February 2022
Being Your Best Protomolecule! Lessons for the Classroom from The Expanse •

In the James S.A. Corey book series The Expanse, now an Amazon Prime Video show of the same name, the protomolecule is a relentless cosmic entity that changes everything it touches, yet its origins and intentions are unknown. Faced with such a powerful force of change, the story’s characters teach us why life’s hard-earned assumptions are so important, as well as how they can become blinders if we refuse to check them. Join Dark Loops Productions “The Expanse Crew” for a lively, psychological, philosophical, fan-based discussion of how we can all face change by working to be our best protomolecule. Panelists include: Kelsey Williams, a.k.a. Sistah K (Sistah Speak Productions/indie film maker), Jennifer Williams a.k.a. Sistah J (Sistah Speak Productions/author), Dr. Leandra Parris (William & Mary), and moderated by Dr. J. Scott Jordan (Illinois State University, Dark Loops Productions).