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Comic-Con International 2022

First Wave of 2022 Comic-Con Guests!

Comic-Con will have a full slate of guests from all aspects of comics and popular culture. Here's a look at the first six to be announced.


Comic-Con 2022 Special Guest: Jane Shattuck-Takamoto-Baer

Jane Shattuck-Takamoto-Baer

Jane began her career as an assistant animator on Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. She later animated on The Rescuers, The Fox & The Hound, and The Black Cauldron. Jane established Baer Animation Studios with her husband, Dale, where she redesigned/supervised animation on “Bennie-the-Cab” and produced the Toontown sequences for Who Framed Roger Rabbit?  Later, as sole owner of Baer Animation, Jane produced for Sesame Street, animated the Freemont Street Experience in Las Vegas, and supervised animation on such films as Fletch Lives, Rover Dangerfield; Last Action Hero, and The Beautician and the Beast and was writer/executive producer on Annabelle’s Wish.



Comic-Con 2022 Special Guest: Soman Chainani

Soman Chainani

Soman Chainani's debut series, The School for Good & Evil, has sold more than 3 million copies, has been translated into more than 30 languages across six continents, and will be a major motion picture from Netflix in 2022, starring Charlize Theron and Kerry Washington. His anthology of retold fairytales, Beasts & Beauty, was an instant New York Times bestseller, his seventh in a row. His next novel, Rise of the School For Good & Evil, will go on sale May 31, kickstarting a new series in his EverNever World universe


Comic-Con 2022 Special Guest: Keithan Jones

Keithan Jones

Keithan Jones is the founder of KID, an independent publisher based in San Diego, California. The mantra behind KID is “The Kid in You Never Dies,” a reminder that our childhood spirit is at the core of who we are no matter how old we get. KID’s first publication was Power Knights, which he writes and draws. Keithan created San Diego’s Black Comix Day: Heroes Rise, an annual Black History Month celebration of Afro-centric comics. He is also the current artist for Vortex Comics’ Chaos Breaker series. He was an Eisner Awards judge in 2021.


Comic-Con 2022 Special Guest: Bill Morrison

Bill Morrison

Bill Morrison has spent his career as an artist and writer working with the most iconic characters in popular culture. He began his career painting movie posters, including many for Walt Disney, such as The Little Mermaid, Bambi, and The Jungle Book. He also spent several years drawing The Simpsons for all kinds of merchandise and writing, drawing, and editing The Simpsons and Futurama comics for Bongo Comics. He was also art director on the Futurama TV series and character artist on Disenchantment. Most recently Morrison created a graphic novel adaptation of The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, and was executive editor of MAD Magazine.

Comic-Con 2022 Special Guest: Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith is the New York Times bestselling author of the award-winning series Bone, which is published in over 30 countries and is among Time magazines Ten Best Graphic Novels of All Time. Bone was a pioneer in comics publishing for kids when it launched Scholastic’s graphic novel imprint Graphix Books in 2005. Smith’s other award-winning and acclaimed comics include SHAZAM! The Monster Society of Evil, RASL, Little Mouse Gets Ready!, ROSE and Bone: Tall Tales. Smith splits his time between Columbus and Key West with his wife and business partner, Vijaya Iyer, where he is working on his current project TUKI.

Comic-Con 2022 Special Guest: Maggie Thompson

Maggie Thompson

Adult fans of comic books didn’t begin to contact each other in any organized way until 1960. Among those pop culture fans were Maggie Curtis and Don Thompson, who’d begun collecting comic books before such accumulations were recognized as worthwhile. (She still owns the Dell Four Color #103 [Easter with Mother Goose] that she bought when she was 3.) After 30 years of co-editing Comics Buyer’s Guide, Maggie Thompson now writes online columns for Comic-Con International and Gemstone Publishing, maintains her website, and is delighted that today’s readers get to see the best of what’s new—and old.