Get Ready for 2014!

It’s November 1, and that should tell you one thing: 2013 is almost over.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be resetting this website. When we went to the new format 11 months ago (ooo … somebody has a birthday coming!), we added in a “hidden” feature on the site that we’re almost ready to introduce. It’s a whole new section called “Past Events,” which will contain an archive of all of our 2013 shows’ highlights, including exhibitors, program schedules (including autographs, games, the Masquerade, and portfolio review), and special guests. These pages will exist in a new “Past Events” menu item, accessible at the top of each page (where the icons for each show lie now). We hope to have this up and running before turkey day later this month. In the meantime, you may see some “construction” going on while we move things around and rearrange the furniture. (The Toucan blog that you’re reading now will remain the same, however, since it has it’s own built-in archive; just click the categories on the right sidebar to visit those).

Hand-in-hand with the archiving of the 2013 events, we’ll begin introducing information about our 2014 shows. We already have an amazing guest list for Comic-Con 2014, and we hope to tell you about some of those great writers and artists before Christmas time, plus info on WonderCon 2014.

Stay tuned … as Toucan and the still-sorta-new Comic-Con website continues to grow and evolve as we enter our second year.