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Introducing Our Newest Toucan Category: Registration Update!

Registration Update

We’re happy to announce we have a new addition to our category list here on Toucan: Registration Update. This new ongoing series of posts will provide updates to all aspects of registering for Comic-Con International shows, including, of course, Comic-Con, plus WonderCon Anaheim and APE, the Alternative Press Expo, regarding attendee, professional, press, and volunteer registration. These updates will link to our various registration pages throughout the Comic-Con International website and keep you up to date on deadlines and provide new information as it becomes available. You will continue to receive very important registration updates from Comic-Con International and/or Expo Logic Registration. Our updates on Toucan do not replace those emails, so be sure to check your account frequently and make sure you have not opted out of email from Comic-Con.

The best way to keep track of the Registration Updates here on Toucan? Subscribe to our RSS feeds! (See the “Subscribe to Toucan!” graphic on the lower left sidebar.) When we put a Registration Update on Toucan, we’ll link them to our feeds for both the blog and whichever show we’re talking about, and access to that update will come winging your way (winging … Toucan … get it?). You can also just click on the “Registration Update” category in the box at the top of the left sidebar to access ALL of our updates from the latest to the earliest.

Stay tuned … there’s a lot of exciting stuff coming your way in 2014 from Comic-Con International!