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J. Michael Straczynski is the Latest Icon Award Recipient!

J. Michael Straczynski with the Comic-Con Icon Award

Photo by Gabriel Olsen © 2013 SDCC

Writer/producer J. Michael Straczynski is the 2013 recipient of Comic-Con International’s Icon Award.

Straczynski’s long career in pop culture—including comics, television, and movies—makes him the ideal choice for this prestigious award, presented to individuals who have been instrumental in bringing comics and/or the popular arts to a wider audience.

Straczynski’s comic book work includes Amazing Spider-Man, The Twelve, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Brave and the Bold, Rising Stars, Midnight Nation, and his latest under his own “Joe’s Comics” imprint at Image, Ten Grand and Sidekick. On television, he was executive producer and creator of Babylon 5, Crusade, and Jeremiah. In films, he has written Changeling, Ninja Assassin, World War Z, and Thor.

Straczynski is the eighth person to receive the Comic-Con Icon Award. He joins previous Icon Award winners Frank Miller (2006), Neil Gaiman (2007), George Lucas (2008), Stan Lee (2009), Ray Bradbury (2010), June Foray (2011), and Matt Groening (2012).