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January Comic-Con Educational Series!

January 2022 Educational Series

We start 2022 by discussing ways comics can connect with neurodivergent readers, also a group of psychologists and comic creators talk about working together to make a more encouraging world, and a discussion about taking learning to the next level by empowering students through authentic learning experiences.

Comics and Neurodiversity •

The visual storytelling medium of comics can engage neurodivergent readers in powerful ways. From social stories to facial expressions, comics offer a means of learning and communication that are uniquely helpful to neurodiverse learners such as those with ADHD or on the autistic spectrum. Join us as we discuss the ways comics can connect with neurodivergent readers and provide them access to literacy and education. With comic creators Jake and Led Bradshaw (Jake Jetpulse), Matt Dunford (Chair, San Diego Comic Fest), and author Sally Pla (Stanley Will Probably Be Fine). Moderator: Jana Tropper (Director of Literacy, Reading With Pictures).

We Can be Heroes? Saving the World in Your Best Way! •

As our favorite comic book characters struggle with moral dilemmas, battle big baddies, and punch their way through problems, we might say to ourselves, “But I’m not that type of person. Can I be a hero?” This panel brings together a group of psychologists and comic creators to discuss the multiple, diverse ways we can all be heroes, in our own way. Panelists will discuss comic book characters who struggle with the notion of heroism, as well as research on diversity, differences, and the seemingly unending number of ways we can work together to make a more uplifting, encouraging world. Panelists include Mr. Victor Dandridge, Jr. (Vantage: Inhouse Productions), Dr. Vanessa Hintz (Alverno College, Vivid Insights Consulting), Dr. J. Scott Jordan (Illinois State University, Dark Loops Productions), and Dr. Leandra Parris (William & Mary School of Education).

The Joy of Owning One’s Own Learning Journey Through Authentic Learning Experiences •

Aaron Maurer (Coffee For The Brain, Smart Robotics with LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor), Beth Campbell (teacher-librarian, Forest Grove Elementary), and Sarah Vice (6th grade educator, Forest Grove Elementary) share many ideas to enhance authentic learning for students. This is not a list of apps or tools, but examples of teachers who have crafted quality projects, authentic learning opportunities, and the space to learn deeply to take learning to the next level by empowering students to take the driver seat in learning.