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June Comic-Con Educational Series!

June 2021 Comic-Con Educational Series

This month’s Educational Series features three panels from the Comics Arts Conference. The CAC is an academic conference hosted by Comic-Con International with the mission of bringing together comics scholars, professionals, critics, and historians to discuss comics with the public.

"To Valhalla!": Norse Mythology Interpretation in Comic Books and Media •

Norse Mythology has become a topic of fascination and exploration for comic book writers, movie screenplay directors, and video game developers. But how closely do these comic book and media depictions interpret Norse mythology, the plights of the gods and their interaction with other gods and beings, locations such as Asgard and Valhalla, and prophecies such as Ragnarok? This panel analyzes how several franchises engage with Norse mythology. Daisy Herrera (University of California Riverside) analyzes Dark Horse’s Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla comics with Ubisoft’s 2020 Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla video game. Semaj Garbutt (California State University, Los Angeles) explores the Dark Horse God of War comics with Santa Monica Studios’ 2018 God of War game. Jovi Hinojosa (California State University, Los Angeles) cross-examines Marvel’s Thor: God of Thunder and Loki series with the MCU film. Through these analyses, the panel showcases the translations and interpretations of Norse mythology and its impact on comic books and other media.

Beyond the Panel •

Comics are made up of more than drawings. Christine Mugnolo (Antelope Valley College) traces how the entrance of the word balloon into sequential art revolutionized the medium of comics.  Stephen Connor (Nipissing University) performs a close reading of the letters page of DC’s Blitzkrieg to juxtapose the comic’s intention of showing World War II through enemy eyes with the responses of the readership. Sam Cowling (Denison University) considers the moral dimensions of comic re-colorization, drawing upon the proposed recoloring of Alan Moore’s The Saga of Swamp Thing and the broader treatment of Marie Severin’s work as a colorist.  Finally, John Rodzvilla (Emerson College) looks at how some comics creators have used advanced web layouts to create true digital comics.

Comics Around the World •

These three panelists consider how the medium of comics works from a variety of international approaches.  Jasleen Kandhari (University of Oxford) considers the influence of the master of modern Sikh art, Sobha Singh, on the representation of the gurus in Sikh comics using the iconographic approach to the study of works of art.  Nabanita Mitra (Women's Christian College) situates the daring exploits of Bahadur (The Brave One), a quintessential Indian super-cop comics hero, in the context of 1970–80s India from banditry to espionage.  Abhilasha Gusain (Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee) analyses two graphic narratives by Clement Baloup, Vietnamese Memories: Leaving Saigon and Vietnamese Memories: Little Saigon, to outline the various potential strategies and techniques comics can employ to sensitize readers to the sufferings of others and make them hospitable to life narratives from the margins.

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