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Michael Cho’s Amazing WonderCon Cover and T-shirt Art!

WonderCon Anaheim 2017 Cover and T-shirt Art

Art by Michael Cho; characters TM & © DC Comics


WonderCon Anaheim 2017 special guest Michael Cho is the illustrator behind this year’s amazing WCA Program Book cover. And best of all, you can wear it, too! The cover art is just one of three incredible official WCA 2017 T-shirts (more on those in the weeks ahead)!

This year’s cover/T-shirt combo includes the original, Silver Age incarnations of some of TV’s most popular superheroes, including (clockwise from upper left) Rip Hunter, Time Master, Supergirl, Green Arrow, The Flash, Black Canary, and J’onn J’onzz, Manhunter from Mars. Modern day versions of these DC Comics heroes appear on the CW each week, in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Arrow, and The Flash.


WonderCon Anaheim 2017 Program Book Cover Art by Michael Cho

Click on the image for a larger view! Characters TM & © DC Comics

Cho is best known for his variant cover work on titles such as Marvel’s Civil War II, and his covers for DC’s graphic novel collections of Golden and Silver Age stories, such as the Flash, Justice League of America, Superman, Batman, and many more. He’s also the writer/illustrator of the graphic novel, Shoplifter, published by Pantheon in 2014. Michael will have a table in WonderCon’s Artists’ Alley this year, so make sure and stop by and get your book signed! Michael’s art will also be featured in an ad for the convention appearing in DC Comics publications during the month of March.

This year’s official WonderCon Anaheim T-shirt will be available for sale at the show only. Cho’s design (shown below) is just one of three official WCA 2017 shirts that will be offered this year. The other two T-shirt designs will feature the WonderCon Anaheim logo and will be revealed soon … check back here on Toucan for more info as we get closer to the show, along with information on some other exciting WCA merchandise we'll be offering at this year's event!