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No Strollers in the Programming Rooms, Please!

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Toucan Tip of the Day

We know your toddler is clamoring to see Quick Draw!, but for safety reasons, the Fire Marshall will not allow strollers inside the programming rooms. This includes rooms 2, 4, 5AB, 6A, 6BCF, 6DE, 7AB, 8, 20, 23ABC, 24ABC, 25ABC, 26AB, 28DE, 30CDE, 32AB, Ballroom 20, and Hall H.

There are three stroller parking areas throughout the Convention Center (upstairs near rooms 2-9 and near Ballroom 20, and one near Hall H on the ground level). Parking will be free of charge and provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please note: Comic-Con will not provide security or check-in/check-out for the strollers.

When you get onsite, look for the Convention Center overview map on pages 4 and 5 of your copy of the Quick Guide for the locations of stroller parking on the upper level and near Hall H on the ground floor level. The full-color Quick Guide is bound into the center of each copy of the CCI 2013 Events Guide and is also available at various kiosks throughout the Convention Center. (A preliminary version of the Quick Guide will appear on this website in the near future!)