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The One With The Tech Tips

Comic-Con Registration Update

How you doin’? Grab some coffee, snuggle up on an orange velvet sofa, and follow these simple tech tips so you’ll be ready for the Expo Logic waiting room and registration process!

PIVOT!  Check your browser compatibility!

Not sure if your browser is compatible? Click here to check your current settings. It is very important that you avoid using multiple tabs, private browsing, or incognito applications during your registration session.

Be sure to use a laptop or desktop during Returning Registration. Comic-Con cannot guarantee that mobile devices, including iPads and other tablets, will behave as expected.

We hear the Wi-Fi can be spotty at the Central Perk! Check that you have a reliable and secure internet connection so that you are not accidentally disconnected from the waiting room.

PIVOT!  Could we BE suggesting any more browsers?

The Expo Logic waiting room and badge registration system have been tested on the browsers listed below:

  • Firefox: Latest Version
  • Google Chrome: Latest Version
  • Internet Explorer: Version 11 Only
  • Safari: Latest Version
  • Microsoft EDGE: Latest Version

Please make sure your browser is up to date well in advance of Returning Registration! You don’t want a broken left phalange to send you into a panic. Additionally, we cannot guarantee your results should you use a browser not listed above.

PIVOT!  Enable JavaScript and cookies!

These features are usually enabled in the default configuration of most modern web browsers. However, we highly suggest double-checking that a smelly cat didn’t disable them!

PIVOT!  Check your power saving settings!

Avoid letting your computer go into sleep mode or powering down during your registration session Learn from Ross and Rachel’s mistakes - don’t let your computer take a break!

PIVOT!  Don’t post photos of your registration session online!

Chandler Bing, in a moment of excitement (He couldn’t help it! He’s a transponster! ... wait – is that even a word?), posts a photo of his session online as soon as he enters the waiting room, and – holy meat sweats! – his personal registration code is embedded in the URL. If you post a photo of the waiting room, anyone could use your code to enter the waiting room, hijack your registration session, and steal your wind! If someone hijacks your registration session, the session in your own browser will expire.

BONUS PIVOT!  Are there any other ways I can gain an advantage in the Expo Logic waiting room?

Luck, patience, and Rachel’s Thanksgiving trifle will be your most powerful weapons during the Expo Logic badge registration process, and these tech tips will certainly help. If you are selected for a registration session, you’ll have an entire 15 minutes to purchase badges, so read through each step carefully and don’t click through too quickly.

And remember, only by achieving true unagi can you be prepared for anything that may befall you. Actually, reading through this page will help too!