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Open Registration FAQs

Comic-Con 2023 Open Registration Toucan
Open Registration badge sales happen this Saturday, November 5, which means we can officially start counting down to Comic-Con 2023 in San Diego! These quick FAQs will help you gather all you need to know to make the waiting room, registration, and more as easy peasy as possible. So make sure your logins are correct prior to Open Registration, and good luck!

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How do I know if I am eligible for Comic-Con 2023 Open Registration?

Anyone with a valid and confirmed Comic-Con Member ID, who has not purchased or registered for the Preview Night option, is eligible to participate in Comic-Con 2023 Open Registration!

If you participated in Returning Registration but did not purchase a Wednesday Preview Night badge, you are still eligible to participate in Open Registration.


What do I need for Open Registration?
      All you’ll need is the login to your Member ID. If you plan on purchasing for others you’ll need their Member IDs as well as their last names (exactly as they’re written on their account, suffixes and special characters included if applicable).


How many badges can I buy? Can I purchase badges for friends and family?
      Absolutely! You can purchase badges for up to three people, including yourself. Whether you’re included in that allotment of three, or you purchase solely for three other people (yourself then not included) the long answer is yes, you can purchase badges for friends and family! But, keep in mind that everyone you are purchasing for must also have a Member ID eligible to participate in Open Registration. You will need their Member ID and last name (exactly as they’re written on their account, suffixes and special characters included if applicable).


What time do I need to enter the waiting room? Is it 8:00 AM or 9:00 AM PDT?

The waiting room will open at 8:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) and badges will go on sale shortly after 9:00 AM PDT. Nevertheless, you won’t need to arrive exactly at 8:00 AM PDT to participate or get a “better spot” in the waiting room. Arriving early to the waiting room does not give you an advantage.

At approximately 9:00 AM PDT the waiting room will begin selecting attendees at random for registration sessions. So whether you entered at 8:01 AM PDT or 8:50 AM PDT, your chances of being chosen are the same. It is vital to enter the waiting room prior to 9:00 AM PDT. If you enter for the first time after 9:00 AM PDT, you will be placed at the back of the line!


Am I guaranteed a badge if I enter the waiting room prior to 9:00 AM PDT?
      Not all eligible attendees will get the chance to purchase or obtain a badge during Open Registration. There are significantly more attendees than available badges. Entry to the waiting room does not guarantee you a badge or registration session. May the odds be ever in your favor!


I am buying badges for my friends. Can we each use our own credit card for the purchase? Do you accept PayPal or debit cards?
      Only one card will be accepted as payment per any registration session. Comic-Con accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. If your debit card has either a Visa or Mastercard logo on it, it will be accepted as a valid form of payment. PayPal is not accepted by Comic-Con.


Do I need to purchase a badge for my child?
      We’re happy to say that if your child is age 12 or under, they’re free to come to Comic-Con with a paid adult attendee. Head over to our Child Badge Policy page to learn more about child badges.


How and when are the badges shipped?
      Badges will begin shipping in late May of 2023. Your badge will be shipped to the “Primary Shipping Address” that’s saved on your Member ID account. Check back closer to the event to learn more about badge shipping information.


I am an international attendee. Where will my badge be shipped?
      Because we are unable to ship to international addresses, all international attendees will have to pick up their badge(s) when they arrive on-site at Comic-Con 2023. Make sure to bring your badge confirmation and a valid photo ID with you to the show. Closer to the show we will update international attendee information so check back as we near the event.
I forgot to change my address before purchasing my badge. What should I do?
      Don’t worry too much if you haven’t changed your address prior to Open Registration. You have until May 12, 2023 to update the “Primary Shipping Address” on your Member ID account.

That’s all for now! Join us back here for additional information on what to expect and how to participate in our upcoming badge sales. Since preparation is key, we’ve included a checklist below for you to get a head start.

❏ Log in to your Member ID account (You won’t be able to participate if you can’t log in!)
❏ Verify your login information is correct (ex. you email address is current)
❏ Opt in for our email communication
❏ BONUS: If you plan to purchase for others, have them send you a screenshot of how their Member ID and Last Name appears in their account