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Remember the Hall H and Ballroom 20 Panel Playbacks!

Every morning in the 30 days leading up to Comic-Con (from June 18 to July 17), we’re going to offer our “Toucan Tip of the Day,” a tiny tidbit of terrific information that we hope will help you enjoy the show just a little bit better. Sign up for our RSS feed (click the button on the right sidebar) to get all of our tips and stay informed on upcoming news about Comic-Con 2013! To view all of our Toucan Tips, please click on the “Tip of the Day” link under Categories at the top of our sidebar on the right.

Toucan Tip of the Day

With our complete program schedule for Comic-Con 2013 reaching its completion today, we want to remind you that if you miss out on seeing some of the presentations in Hall H and Ballroom 20, we do offer a “Panel Playback” Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights in Room 25ABC, starting at 8:00 PM. This program shows the panel discussions only—NOT the footage of films or TV shows shown at these events—so it’s not quite the real thing, but it’s the next best thing. As a bonus, attendees get to choose from a selection of our most popular Hall H and Ballroom 20 panels of the day and vote for what they want to see with a show of applause. It’s democracy in action! Is this a great country or what?