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Returning Registration Tech Tips from Professor Toucan


Greetings! Comic-Con 2017 Returning Registration is right around the corner, and it’s time for another one of my world famous (ok, San Diego famous) tech courses!

I have some questions here to ensure you and your computer are prepared for the Expo Logic waiting room! I think you will find them helpful. After all, I hold an A-7 computer expert classification and I’m well acquainted with Dr. Daystrom’s theories.

Do you have JavaScript and cookies enabled?

These features are usually enabled in the default configuration of most modern web browsers – so most likely the answer to this question is “yes.” However, double-checking is always a good idea!

Did you know not to click the “back” or “refresh” button during your registration session?

That’s right! Even Logan has to keep his claws off of those during his entire Expo Logic registration session, from start to finish. Using the back button during this process could potentially initiate the system to “error out” or return your badges to inventory.

Using the refresh button in the Expo Logic waiting room can cause erratic system behavior. There is no need for you to refresh the page, as the waiting room automatically refreshes every 120 seconds.

What about power-saving settings?

It would be pretty bad if Jake fell asleep while he makes bacon pancakes. It would also be pretty bad if your computer went into sleep mode or powered down during your registration session. Please make sure to confirm these settings before you enter the Expo Logic waiting room.

Which browser and device are you using?

The Expo Logic badge registration system has been tested on the following browsers. Your results cannot be guaranteed should you use a browser not listed here.

Firefox: Any Version

Google Chrome: Any Version

Internet Explorer: Version 8 or later

Safari: Any Version

Microsoft EDGE: Any Version

You can click here to run a browser test!

Make sure you are using a laptop or desktop during Returning Registration. Comic-Con International cannot guarantee that mobile devices, including iPads and other tablets, will behave as expected.

As a friendly reminder, avoid using multiple tabs, private browsing, or incognito applications during your registration session. Doing so can cause unsettling technical issues worse than Alfred putting a parental lock on your Batcomputer.

Are there any other ways I can gain an advantage in the Expo Logic waiting room?

By engaging in this tech course, you are almost ready to go! Make sure you have all of the information needed to participate on Saturday morning. You will need the link to the Expo Logic waiting room, your personal registration code, your Member ID, and the Member ID and last name of any attendee you wish to buy for. Remember, luck and patience will be your most powerful weapons during the Expo Logic badge registration process. I look forward to seeing you in July. Professor out!