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Comic-Con International Registration Update
Comic-Con 2018 Open Registration is coming soon! Read below for basic information on what to do, what to expect, and how to participate. 

Comic-Con 2018 Open Registration is open to the general public and anyone who has not purchased or registered for the Preview Night (Wednesday, July 18) option. If you were able to obtain a Preview Night badge during Returning Registration you are not eligible to participate in Open Registration.

So, first things first … if you haven’t already, create a Comic-Con Member ID! It’s quick and easy. Click here to sign up today. But be warned - the Comic-Con Member ID system will close, without prior notification, in advance of any badge sale event. Please be sure to register for a Member ID as soon as possible! If you do not register for a Member ID prior to closure, you will not be eligible to participate in Open Registration.

You will need to create a Member ID for every person you intend to buy a badge for. If you are buying a badge for your mother, sister, brother, nephew, co-worker, postman, barista, dog walker, dungeon master, or ukulele teacher, they must have their own valid and confirmed Member ID. Unconfirmed email accounts will not be eligible to participate.

One more time for those in the back, you may not purchase a badge for anyone else using your own Member ID. Make sure that everyone in your group has signed up for a Member ID as soon as possible.

If you are eligible to participate, you will receive an email once we announce the date and time of Open Registration. About 48 hours prior to the sale, you will receive a second email from Expo Logic Registration with the link to the waiting room and your personal registration code. If you do not get the email, do not despair! Your link and registration code will also be available in your Member ID account under the “Registration Info” tab at least 48 hours prior.

During Open Registration, you will be able to purchase badges for up to three eligible members, while supplies last. Please keep in mind that there are far more eligible members than badges available. Your chance of being selected for a registration session is not influenced in any way by the information you provide. Your Member ID account does not reserve or guarantee you a badge. Member ID registration does not guarantee that you will be selected for a registration session from the waiting room.

To ensure you are receiving notifications from Comic-Con and Expo Logic Registration we encourage you to add and as an approved/authorized sender to your email account. Your Member ID also needs to be opted in for email and Third-Party correspondence. 

In the meantime, visit for more information and bookmark Toucan – the official blog of Comic-Con and WonderCon for the latest registration updates!