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So . . . What's WonderCon Anaheim Like? (Part One)

Each year at our events, we take time to talk to some of our attendees and ask them how the show is going. At WonderCon 2012 in Anaheim, we once again talked to the people that make the whole show so much fun and ultimately possible: You, the attendees. Here are some observations and thoughts from some of them. (Special thanks to Douglas Lathrop for conducting the interviews and snapping the photos.)

Hans (San Luis Obispo, CA)

First-time attendee

What he likes best about WonderCon:

"The social milieu. I just like that everybody’s kind of a like mind and creativity and imagination. Everybody feels accepted and it’s a very supportive, creative environment. That’s the best part. We wanted [to attend] a comics-based convention and that’s one of the things we did like about Wonder-Con . . . it’s very comics-based."

Kimberly (Temecula, CA)

Long-time Comic-Con attendee, first-time WonderCon attendee

What she likes best about WonderCon:

"I like the people watching. I like attending because of the excitement. I like the fact that it kind of is a mixture of everything, so you get movies, comics, memorabilia, things like that. We’ve been going to Comic-Con for about 17 years . . .my parents actually were going when it was in the basement of the hotel in San Diego and then we just kind of started going as a family and now I’m bringing my son. I do like the fact that it kind of encompasses everything because you don’t have a venue that you can go to, to find out what’s going on in the movies or find out what’s coming on television. It’s kind of like a place where everyone can come to get information."

Greg  (Duarte, CA)

First-time WonderCon attendee

He likes to shop:

I bought a bunch of stuff. There’s one dealer downstairs that does movie soundtracks and so I bought the Star Trek 2 soundtrack and an old vinyl copy of the story of Star Wars, which I actually used to have when I was a kid. My folks got rid of all their old vinyl along with that, so I was kind of psyched to get a copy of that again. And some Fantastic Four action figures and comic books and a copy of Space Battleship Yamato, that live action move that came out. The credit card is a smoking ruin. The dealer’s room here was really good. It’s kind of fun, I haven’t geek-shopped in a while so that was kind of nice to do.

Nicholas (Modesto, CA)

First-time attendee; as he put it: “It was in San Francisco and I never got to go. When it’s in Anaheim— when it’s the furthest away—I actually go. “ He came with friends.

What he likes best about WonderCon:

"Everybody is into it. You feel comfortable with everyone here. No one feels left out, so it’s a good thing for everybody."

More attendee interviews and insight into WonderCon Anaheim next week!