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So . . . What's WonderCon Anaheim Like? (Part Two)

Each year at our events, we take the time to talk to some of our attendees and ask them how the show is going. At WonderCon 2012 in Anaheim, we once again talked to the people that make the whole show so much fun and ultimately possible: You, the attendees. Here's a second group of observations and thoughts from people who attended the show last year. (Special thanks to Douglas Lathrop for conducting the interviews and snapping the photos . . . click here for our first round of interviews.)

Richard (Long Beach, CA)

Long-time Comic-Con attendee, first-time WonderCon attendee

He’s a comics fan

I love comics. In my bag right now I have a Hellboy paperback by Mike Mignola and I have the first Maus book [by Art Spiegelman] that I’m trying to get into. I just heard it’s incredible. I’ve always been told that I have no business liking comics if I’m not reading the classics and that’s supposed to be one of them.

What he likes best about WonderCon:

I enjoy mixing in different circles and you have a really great mix of just straight-up nerds, artists, some video game culture stuff going on, and a lot of movie culture. I like that it’s all kind of together here in this one space.

Amy (Sherman Oaks, CA)

Attended WonderCon 2011 in San Francisco, back for more in 2012 in Anaheim

What she saw:

I’m a Joss Whedon/Firefly type of big fan and the California Brown Coats had some signing with Jane Espenson [Jane is a guest at WonderCon Anaheim 2013 and is on a ton of panels!], who is one of the writers and Sean Maher who is one of the actors and it was really cool to meet them. And I also went to Felicia Day’s “Geek and Sundry” panel with Wil Wheaton and that was really awesome and exciting. [Geek and Sundry also returns in 2013!]

What she likes best about WonderCon:

Being in an area where everyone I talk to likes the things that I like; making new friends and seeing my idols and just having a good time with my friends.


Jason (Orangeville, CA, near Sacramento)

Fifth time at WonderCon; drove down from the Bay Area to attend the show in Anaheim

What he’s seen:

A lot of the stuff I’ve seen are a lot of the cartoon panels. Cartoon Network had some good panels. I walked the floor a ton. We’ve were into the ballroom yesterday for a bit, saw some good panels, also got to see the new DC animated movie which was really awesome too. [There’s a DC Animated Movie premiere this year, too: Superman Unbound on Friday night!]

What he bought:

Too much. I have like $4 in my wallet right now, so we’re at the end of the buying spree. A lot of cool artwork and a lot of new graphic novels that we were able to get signed by the creators, which was nice.

Another big comics fan:

I’m really digging the DC New 52, getting into that. Going to get into the new DC Before Watchmen, which I saw the panel on which was really nice. The newer Spider-Man stuff has been really good and I’m excited for the Avengers vs. X-Men book that is coming out. [Remember: this is 2012 he’s talking about . . . ancient history!]

What he likes best about WonderCon:

Probably just the people and the fun and rubbing elbows with celebrities and talking to people that created stuff that you read on a weekly basis is probably the best thing.

Look for more attendee interviews next week . . . and if you want to attend this year's show, click here to purchase badges online and save money!