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So . . . What's WonderCon Anaheim Really Like? (The Final Chapter!)

Each year at our events, we take the time to talk to some of our attendees and ask them how the show is going. At WonderCon 2012 in Anaheim, we once again talked to the people that make the whole show so much fun and ultimately possible: You, the attendees. Here are some observations and thoughts from some of them, our final group of interviews from last year's event. Click here to read the first group, and here for the second group. (Special thanks to Douglas Lathrop for conducting the interviews and snapping the photos.)

Kelle (Glendale, CA)

First-time WonderCon attendee; but she says she’ll be back this year (we’re going to hold you to that, Kelle)

Lightsabers for everybody!

I bought lots of books because I love books and comics, lots of comics and lightsabers for everyone in the family. Lightsabers were our big purchase.

Comics fan? Sure!

Well I like The Walking Dead and I’m into Aliens vs. Predators. Those are my favorites.

What she likes best about WonderCon:

Oh, that’s tough because it’s everything. I love all the people and I love the costumes and I love going on the floor and seeing all the artwork and meeting all the artists and the panels have been wonderful. It’s a lot of fun. We’ll be here again next year.

Dan (Chula Vista, CA, down San Diego way)

Long-time Comic-Con attendee, first-time WonderCon attendee

What he likes best about WonderCon:

I think this year I was able to enjoy some of the smaller panels that I never really got a chance to check out before. One of the really good ones that I found really pleasing was the CBLDF Live Art Jam that they had with Jim Lee and Eric Powell and I forgot who the other artist was [it was Rebekah Issacs of Angel & Faith fame] and it was just watching them illustrate on the screen. That was a lot of fun to see.


Allen (West Hills, CA)

Comic-Con attendee, first-time WonderCon attendee

What he likes best about WonderCon:

I love being with my people as I call this. I tried to explain this to the girls that I work with in the store and they always think it’s “Oh, you go to Comic-Con, do you wear a costume?” I said no, I don’t particularly wear a costume, but that’s cool. But I need to be with what I call my people. That’s how Ray Bradbury used to refer to us . . . as these wonderful people full of imagination and they come from everywhere and they all congregate. I just think it’s so great that we do these things where we all have an interest in this thing and we all get together. It’s a community.

That's it for last year's interviews. If you want to attend this year's show, click here to purchase badges online and save money! Who knows? You could be one of NEXT year's interviews featured on our website!