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SuperVolunteer Series Volume 1

Comic-Con International

In early June, we issued a challenge to our daily and department volunteers registered for Comic-Con 2020 to find a non-profit in their community and spend some time volunteering there. We are happy to report that many of our volunteers accepted the challenge! They were asked to email us  a photo or two and a little bit about the experience to earn a "SuperVolunteer" badge. Starting today, we'll be highlighting some of them in a series every Tuesday and Thursday leading up to Comic-Con@Home. We are so proud of their efforts and know that Comic-Con volunteers are truly dedicated to making the world a better place. 


Chioma Ihene

Chioma I., Valley Center, CA (Daily Volunteer):

Hello everyone!! My name is Chioma and I help out at 2 food banks! Chollas View Church Food Bank and St. Paul Church Food Bank. I help set out the food bags and I give them out to people.

Sue (Director of Volunteer Services) says: Chioma looks like she's having fun and she's making a difference in people's lives! Thanks, Chioma!


Danielle and Daniel Austin

Danielle A., San Diego, CA  (Department Volunteer)  and Daniel A., San Diego, CA (Department Volunteer):

Danielle and Daniel donated blood for the Comic-Con Museum Blood Drive at the San Diego Blood Bank. Danielle also hands out drive-up school lunches at Walker Elementary School in Mira Mesa, CA.


James Udan

James U., Chula Vista, CA (Department Volunteer) also donated blood. Love the face mask, James!!

Sue says: A huge THANK YOU to you all!! You are all SuperVolunteers!!!


Wendy Woody

Wendy W., El Cajon, CA (Department Volunteer):

I volunteer for East County Animal Rescue, a no-kill facility. Some of the rescues have been there over 10 years and enjoy contact with us! I always leave there feeling loved and that I have made a difference in these creature's lives.

Sue says: That's terrific, Wendy! I'm a cat person myself (I have two that I got from SD Humane Society). I love all animals and volunteering at an animal rescue is a great service. That is a beautiful cat in the photo.

Betsy Woodin

Betsy W., Wasilla, Alaska (Daily Volunteer):

  • I am a Lifetime Member of the Wasilla Senior Center and help with projects year-round. They are a great non-profit that help many seniors in our community.
  • I purchased $500 worth of Girl Scout cookies to give to the seniors that live in senior housing. 
  • I was able to get masks donated by the Kabayan Filipino Community Group for seniors.
  • I got my adult son to talk to the nursery where he works and they donated lots of flowers and vegetable starts for the seniors.
  • The next fundraiser is a virtual 5K which I will be supporting. 

Sue says: This is awesome! Seniors were particularly hard hit during the pandemic. Thank you for your service to them, Betsy and son!! 

That's all for now! Stay tuned for volume 2!