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SuperVolunteer Series Volume 2

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Welcome to the second installment of our SuperVolunteer series! If you missed our SuperVolunteer debut, you can check it out here.
Fostering animals is of great benefit to the animal shelters that are over-crowded, to the animals themselves and to the people that become their forever families.



Debbie Schoonover

Debbie S., San Diego, CA (Department Volunteer) says:

From the start of the 2018 kitten season at San Diego Humane Society Kitten Nursery, the first kitten I fed was named Sue. Not that she reminded us of anybody, but she did lead her siblings to the bottle (and mew at the bottle feeder if she was too slow to respond).

Sue (Director of Volunteer Services) says: (I wish I was that cute!) Not only does Debbie volunteer at the Kitten Nursery, she fosters them, too. She is truly making a difference in so many lives (both for the cats and the forever families they end up with). Thanks, Deb!!


Deena Stepczyk

Deena S., Houston, TX (Daily Volunteer) says:

What a fun challenge! I foster dogs. Have been doing so for years for a few different rescues. I fostered this adorable guy, Maverick, for Best Friends Houston. They pull a lot of dogs from Harris County and transport them to other states where they don't have the huge over population issue Texas does. Maverick was rescued with an embedded collar in his neck and some bite wounds. He had to have surgery to remove his collar and try to fix him up. No one is sure what happened to him but looks possibly like he might have been a bait dog. Such a super cute and friendly little guy. He is now in MN with another medical foster waiting to heal. We loved having him! It would be awesome if more people fostered. It's temporary and helps save so many lives.

Sue says: Maverick looks like a great dog! We know he will find his forever home soon. Thank you for your service to our canine friends, Deena!!

Brenda Ortega

Brenda O., Tijuana, BC, Mexico (Daily Volunteer) says:

I live in Tijuana B.C (neighbors), my passion has always been animals (looking forward to being a veterinarian) and all types of social services and animal care. I participated as a volunteer at the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility a year ago and following with that path, this time I decided to foster two kitties til they find their forever home. The association I am helping is named KARU located in Tijuana as well, and even when I know this is just temporary, I know I'll miss their company, but I know once they find a family I'll be able to help more cats.

Sue says: These cats are beautiful!! And how lucky are they to have such a fine foster parent. Thanks, Brenda, for making a difference in their lives. I'm sure you are going to be the best veterinarian ever!!

Monica F., Oakland, CA (Daily Volunteer) says:

I recently fostered a 5 month old pitbull terrier for Hopalong and Second Chance Animal Rescue group (in Oakland). I helped socialize her with my dogs. She didn't have experience with walking on a leash, so I trained her and taught her to sit & shake. I took her to get spayed & gave her meds to help her heal. I'm happy to report that she was adopted by a great family last week!

Sue says: Thanks, Monica! This is great. I'm a cat person myself, but I love all animals and fostering is a great service. You have made a special dog and a great family very happy!!

Chris Geiger

Chris G., Santa Maria, CA (Daily Volunteer) says:

The experience was interesting. Chyna is a high energy dog that is always up for an adventure. Chyna and I would go on long runs on sandy areas, hills of San Louis Obispo, or the Orcutt Hill of Santa Maria, Ca. Chyna helped me overcome a tough time when COVID 19 struck.

Sue says: You rescued each other so congratulations to you both! Thank you for fostering Chyna!

Kathy Geiger

Kathy G., Kennewick, WA, (Daily Volunteer) says:

I often volunteer as a Foster Parent for a local organization, Pet Over Population Prevention. While this job can be emotionally difficult - especially when you bond with your foster and they finally find their Furever Home - there isn't much more satisfying that knowing I provided a safe place for a homeless or abandoned pet to recover and start enjoying life. The picture is of one of my fosters - Denny.

Sue says: This is great, Kathy! Fostering is a great service and Denny looks like a great dog. I'm glad he found his "furever" home!

Stay tuned for volume 3 later this week!