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SuperVolunteer Series Volume 3

Comic-Con International
You guessed it ... our SuperVolunteer Series Volume 3 has arrived! If you missed out on Volume 1 and 2, you can view them by clicking here.
In this edition, some of our SuperVolunteers chose to help the youth in their communities, and many reported donating blood at their local blood banks. Keep up the great work! 
Albert Alas

Albert A., Panorama City, CA (Department Volunteer) says:

I chose to ask a local middle school in the community for help, since I know students won’t be celebrating much of their last year, I wanted to at least help distribute yearbooks. The school let me volunteer and collect textbooks from students as well as distribute yearbooks. I had such a great time seeing kiddos and their parents seeing a fresh new face giving them something to remember this year that’s dear to their hearts. I got so many smiles and conversations that made me so happy. I asked them if I could assist with culmination but they’d let me know. Here are pics I took, and included my social media post as well

Sue (Director of Volunteer Services) says: This is awesome, Albert! And so is your nifty volunteer t-shirt. (And is that a Slytherin shirt, I see?) Great work and thank you!


Joseph Donnelly

Joseph D., Snowflake, AZ, (Department Volunteer) says:

Helping out the local Youth. I am helping to keep kids busy over the summer at George Washington Academy in Snowflake, AZ. We have a full summer of activities. Here is a picture of us during spy week.

Sue says: Those kids are lucky to have you helping them, Joseph. Spy week sounds verrry interesting. Thanks for being a SuperVolunteer!


Courtney Cuellar

Courtney C., Spring Valley, CA (Daily Volunteer) says:

I chose to volunteer with Girl Scouts San Diego to bring a positive change to young women in our community. In the photo below we are discussing the role of the anti-hero in comics and real life.

Sue says: This is great, Courtney! Thank you for your service to these Girl Scouts (and for integrating comics into the program, too!) You rock!


Windi, S., San Diego, CA (Department Volunteer) says:

This year, I volunteered to be a scholarship reviewer for the Cobell Scholarship's graduate scholarships. I reviewed 47 applications from Native American scholars attending graduate school. Their stories were inspiring, and the ways these people discussed furthering their education to improve their communities (many of which were hit hard by the pandemic) reminds me that change is necessary and always possible. 

Sue says: Thanks, Windi! That must have been a really interesting thing to take part in and you are helping to make a difference in a hard-hit community. Well done!


Ryan Mollberg

Ryan M., Berkeley, CA (Department Volunteer) says:

I’m currently working at the Department of Veterans Affairs Hospital in Oakland CA.  We have had our hands full with trying to triage patients each day with tests, treatment, and preventive care.  I decided to Volunteer to give blood on one of my workdays. Attached is a photo and I got an Email that my blood went to Joseph Hospital in Orange County, CA. 

Sue says:  Thank you, Ryan, for your service and for giving life-saving blood! (And I want that GOT "Bleed for the Throne" poster!)

Claudia Chavez

Claudia C., La Puente, CA (Daily Volunteer) says:

In my experience there is such a rewarding feeling when you walk out. You feel blessed to give back. It was my first time ever today, and it made a difference in my life when I decided to donate my blood to somebody else who needs it the most. I feel honored by this experience.

Sue says: This is fantastic, Claudia! Thank you for donating to the blood bank for the first time. Sounds like it won't be the last time.

Tamara Tsang

Tamara T., Tijuana, BC, Mexico (Daily Volunteer) says:

So many of my volunteer activities have been cancelled, but I still donate blood like clockwork every 8 weeks!  Volunteered this morning and my next visit is 8/22!  I started donating when I lived in San Diego, after learning I'm a universal donor.  It's such an easy way to give back- Takes less than an hour between the initial paperwork until you are enjoying something to drink and a snack post-donation. :) 

Sue says: As the t-shirt says, you are a hero, Tamara! Thank you for donating to the blood bank. Giving blood is so important and you are making a difference in people's lives.

Thank you for joining us! We'll see you on Tuesday for volume 4!