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SuperVolunteer Series Volume 4

Comic-Con International
Welcome back! Our group for SuperVolunteers for volume 4 found several ways to give back to their community. To catch up on earlier installments of this series, click here.
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Read on for samples of our SuperVolunteers helping friends and neighbors!


Osiris Morales

Osiris M., Tijuana, BC, Mexico (Daily Volunteer) says:

Hello, I want to say that I work with a Christian organization called Puente de Amistad and help them to build a house for a low-income family here in Tijuana Mexico on June 6 and 7.

I was doing the sheetrock part on the inside of the house and with the leader of the group (Travis, guy in blue shirt) and help the rest of the team in what they need any help. We have a great day on that Saturday and completed the house by Sunday noon. Picture in the middle of work, I'm the guy with the military jacket. Thanks for the opportunity to let me be a volunteer.

Sue (Director of Volunteer Services) says: This is impressive, Osiris! You and Travis and everyone in Puente de Amistad are truly making a difference and we thank you all!!

Kaytee Sumida

Kaytee S., San Diego, CA (Department Volunteer) says:

It's not glamorous, nor registered with any organization, but 2 to 3 times a week, I pick up trash along the streets near my house. This is what I picked up yesterday. I've been doing this since Jan 2019 -- at first, there was enough to fill the trash bag I was then using. Now, sometimes I don't even get half the bucket filled, although trash is starting to build up again, possibly due to people "living in their cars" along the commercial zone (a lot of fast food trash). Also starting to see "COVID trash" -- used gloves, and even disposable masks. 

My other, regular volunteer activities are on hiatus, due to quarantine measures closing the facilities and cancelling events (Buddhist Temple of San Diego: Bazaar, Rummage Sales, Obon Festival, and teaching classes), and SD Bead Society (help set up meetings, Facebook editor). The only things I'm doing now, are helping with Facebook for these, and for the InterReligious Council of San Diego, secretarial duties and FB admin. All three are official non-profit/charitable organizations.

Sue says: Wow! I don't know when you have time to do all of this, Kaytee, but I'm sure your neighbors and these organizations are grateful that you do. You are truly a SuperVolunteer!

Lauren Solmonson

Lauren S., Maplegrove, MN (Daily Volunteer) says:

I have completed two different days of volunteering! My first volunteering opportunity was collecting donations in Minneapolis that were then donated for families that have been affected by the recent unrest in the city (first pic). We filled up 2.5 uhauls, 2 truck beds, and a van!

My other opportunity was going with my family to the McKinley Rose Garden in Sacramento to help clean up the garden in honor of my Grandfather. He always had lots of roses in his house and recently passed in Feb, but we have made it back to Sacramento for his memorial service.

Both were a lot of fun and I can't wait to do more!

Sue says: Thank you for your service to the people of Minneapolis. You have indeed honored your Grandfather. And you are making a difference in 2 states!! Awesome!

Vicky Gunter

Vicky G., El Cajon, CA (Department Volunteer) says:

Here I am taking my neighbor friend to the eye doctor for her shot check-up. I take her every 6 weeks. 

Sue says: Thanks, Vicky! You are a good neighbor and I'm sure your friend really appreciates your help in getting to the glaucoma center. Well done!

Paul Burrows

Paul B., Otterville, IL (Daily Volunteer):

I chose Meals On Wheels this week because many homebound seniors may not get a visitor the entire day. It's nice to give a smile, a few minutes of your time, and have a chat about small things. It's a very rewarding time during the day.

Sue says: You have given every senior you visit something to remember, Paul. I'm sure they and their families are grateful for your thoughtfulness. Excellent!

Joanna Mickle

Joanna M., San Diego, CA (Department Volunteer):

I am high risk so I can't go out and volunteer. Instead I have been making masks for friends, family, coworkers and first responders. I am still working full time at home but I am making as many masks as I can on the weekends. I have lost count of how many masks I have given away.  I pay for all of the fabric and won't accept payments for anything but postage if the recipient insists. It is my way of helping people stay safe. 

Sue says: This is fantastic, Joanna! You are making as much of a difference by doing your volunteering at home as those who go outside the home. Keep up the good work!

Theresa Bonafide

Theresa B., San Diego, CA (Daily Volunteer) says:

I accept your challenge!  I have chosen the "Masks in Gratitude Project" as my volunteer organization. “Masks in Gratitude” is distributing masks to men, women and young adults who work every day to harvest food in vast agricultural fields. These masks are vital to their safety as they must work side by side in close groups to ensure that all crops are harvested efficiently. Social distancing is nearly impossible. My mask donations will be distributed to workers in crop fields, warehouses, packing houses, orchards, and livestock farms throughout California. I finished and delivered 20 handmade masks to the project on July 14, 2020. I supplied all the materials and labor to complete the labor of love and to keep with the Comic-Con spirit, I made many from manga, gaming, or pop culture character fabrics. I truly hope they enjoy and feel the gratitude and appreciation we have for all of them as they work so hard to keep our food supply running!

Sue says: Terrific, Theresa! Thank you for your submission to the Comic-Con Volunteer Challenge and thank you for your service to our agricultural workers. Love the popular arts theme on those masks!

Linda Alvarez

Linda A., Tijuana, BC, Mexico (Daily Volunteer) says:

For volunteering this day I was hoping to rescue a dog from the street, take care of and find him/her a good family and house to live, like I do it normally but I lost my job a few weeks ago and I really can't afford the vet. So my mom remembered me about my neighbors, and that I been helping with their groceries.  So here in Tijuana the red signal is on 'cause we have a lot of cases for covid. And in my house I'm the one who goes out for groceries and I've been helping 2 of our neighbors. So every 15 days I go out with precautions and do shopping for 3, they send me the list, give me money for their groceries and I deliver with no extra cost.

Sue says: What a fantastic way to help your family and your neighbors, Linda! You truly are a Wonder Woman!

Stay tuned for volume 5 later this week!