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SuperVolunteer Series Volume 5

Comic-Con International
We're nearing the end of our SuperVolunteer series! You can catch up on editions 1 - 4 by clicking here.
As you may know, food banks have been particularly overwhelmed by the needs of those hit by the pandemic. Continue reading to meet some of our SuperVolunteers who took on the challenge and are helping out.
Jeanette Burton

Jeanette B., Moreno Valley, CA (Department Volunteer) says:

I’m a professional photographer at Building Up Lives Foundation, it’s a non-profit food bank that gives to the community. They offer free hot meals, clothing, food, shelter resources. Also, I donate my photography services for their social media.

Sue (Director of Volunteer Services) says: Thank you, Jeanette! We appreciate your volunteer service to the food bank. This is great and you are truly making a difference!

Karen M., Alpine, CA (Department Volunteer) says:

I already volunteered for the food bank on Wednesday, June 3rd. Didn’t see this email til today.

Sue says: No worries, Karen. Volunteering is important no matter when you do it as there will always be people who need help. We are proud of all of the SuperVolunteers like you!


Jennifer Tang

Jennifer T, San Diego, CA (Department Volunteer) says:

Hello SDCC Volunteer Program People,

Miss you guys! Hope you are staying healthy. I did a few hours at the food bank bagging produce and packing boxes of dry goods. Look at this beautiful heart-shaped potato.

Sue says: Wow, Jennifer! That is one awesome potato. And you are one awesome volunteer! Thank you for helping out at the food bank!!

Mark B., Westminster, CA (Daily Volunteer) says:

My wife, daughter and I volunteered at the Orange County Second Harvest food bank. It was a drive by food bank and we directed traffic, loaded cars with boxes and bags of food and greeted the people. Great experience. 

Sue says: Thank you for your service to the food bank! I'm glad it was a great experience and that your family got involved as well. Your family helped nourish other families that were in need. Awesome!

Keisha Dorsey

Keisha D., San Diego, CA (Department Volunteer) says:

I helped pack about 6,000 pounds of plums during my shift today at the SD Food Bank. I’m glad my efforts will help folks in need especially during this challenging time. 

Sue says: Wow! That's a lot o' plums! Thank you for your service to the food bank. This is great and you are making a difference! (And I love your Black Panther mask!)


Susan Kim-Stuard

Susan K., San Francisco, CA (Daily Volunteer) says:

For the SDCC volunteer challenge I helped bag and serve 300 bags of food to needy residents with the SF Food Pantry. They have set up many outdoor pop-up locations to facilitate the organization and distribution of food in a very well-organized, safe, socially distanced way. In the bags were: 5lbs rice, 10-lb bag of potatoes, a watermelon, onions, apples, riced cauliflower and a gallon of milk! Hooray!

Sue says: Hooray for you, Susan!! This is excellent and that bag of food sounds pretty good to me as I am a vegetarian. Yum!

Maria Norcross & Family

Maria N., Beirut T., Andrea T. Fernando T. and Rebeca V., El Cajon, CA (Daily and Department Volunteers) say:

Every year we take our yearly vacation to Comic-Con, but obviously COVID-19 had a different agenda. We had tried to volunteer as much as we could but it has been difficult finding organizations that takes the 5 of us. We did San Diego Food Bank and it was an amazing experience. For us that have done Giveaways in Hall H in 30 minutes in the dark this was easy-peasy. Our crew did 540 boxes of food meaning we fed 540 seniors around San Diego County.

Btw, we finished 40 min ahead of schedule lol. We all dressed for the occasion and we even printed out badges (black and white as we ran out of color!) This experience made us realize we could do more for our community, so we plan on doing it at least once a month.

Sue says: You all look great! Love the volunteer shirts and the badges. Best of all, your family helped out many, many other families in the San Diego area. I'm glad you plan on continuing your service to the food bank. Awesome!!

Ben and Gerard

Ben S. and Gerard T., San Diego, CA (Daily Volunteers):

Ben says: I completed my volunteer shift at San Diego Food Bank yesterday 7/14/20 at the Miramar Warehouse. I volunteered with a fellow SDCC volunteer (Gerard T.). For my shift yesterday, I sorted plums of different sizes into net bags that will be given to distribution centers across San Diego. While sorting the plums, I realized that now more than ever, Food Bank needs more support in receiving, handling, and distributing food and resources to those in need at this crucial time. I have another volunteer shift scheduled for next week, at Senior Food Distribution in Chula Vista. Even after SDCC, I will continue to support the San Diego Food Bank by doing more volunteer shifts. 

Gerard says: My volunteer duty was repacking bags of rice (24 pounds). Each bag has 24 packets of rice. Each packet weighs 1 pound.  It was a workout due to lots of lifting but well worth it.  I decided to continue to volunteer at our local food bank.  

Sue says: Thanks to both of you for helping out at the SD Food Bank. As you say, this is so important all the time, but especially now. You guys are rock stars!

Thank you for joining us! Stay tuned for volume 6!