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SuperVolunteer Series Volume 6

Comic-Con International
There have been so many different ways that people have donated their time and efforts. Here are some more of them. We thank everyone for making a difference in their communities.


Amanda Schoppmeyer

Amanda S., San Diego, CA (Daily Volunteer) says:

Throughout this pandemic, I’ve been donating supplies and food to various organizations throughout San Diego. I do couponing throughout the year and donate items year round, as well as play the monopoly game at Vons every year and donate food from that as well.  Since Comic-Con, and WonderCon, both got cancelled this year I decided I would donate those items to the convention center downtown for Operation Shelter to Home since they’re housing so many people there. I donated some items to Father Joes Villages, and also Feeding America during the monopoly game.

Sue (Director of Volunteer Services) says: Very impressive, Amanda! That is a lot of stuff!! Thank you for donating it to all these organizations. You are helping the homeless and many others in need.


Eric Hartman


Eric H., Laguna Beach, CA (Daily Volunteer) says:

I volunteered at the Red Cross donation center and helped with blood donations and taking donor temperatures. I will be continuing my volunteerism with the Red Cross over the next year.


Sue says: This is excellent, Eric! Thank you for your service to the Red Cross. I'm sure they appreciate all that you did and will continue to do!



Katina Lindsey

Katina L., Valley Center, CA (Daily Volunteer) says:

For the past 117 days, I have volunteered to sew and donate fabric masks to essentials and front liners in need!  I have sewn masks From my home every single day since quarantine started and I’ve donated over 900 masks to hospital emergency rooms, urgent cares, senior centers, oncology wards, military, pharmacists, hospice, grocery workers, and veterinarians. This week I’m working on donations for Children’s Hospital! Normally, these past four and a half months would have been occupied by SDCC cosplay sewing, but this year I decided to volunteer my time and resources to helping those that help us! I don’t have the skill to be on the front line in the medical field, but I do have the skill to help protect with these masks!  And one way or the other, these are still superhero masks! I’ll keep Volunteering my time and labor to keep sewing until they’re no longer needed.


Sue says: That's a lot of masks and some very cute ones, too, Katina. Well done and we're glad you plan to continue to make a difference! You are indeed a SuperVolunteer!!


Rosario Diaz

Rosario D., Norwalk, CA (Daily Volunteer) says:

I participated by volunteering at the COVID19 testing site at Dodger Stadium (the biggest testing site in the nation). I have been volunteering for some months now with CORE Response, the organization that is running sites in LA. Though the 92 degree weather and sun was certainly unforgiving, I was happy with the work that was done and with the wonderful group of people that I was volunteering with. Working in the testing area, I was responsible for helping any and all patients who had questions or needed help with the tests, whether it's explaining to them how to self-administer or providing them with any needed materials. I consider it a privilege to be in a place where I can volunteer my services during a time of need and a time in which people are looking for reassurance and solutions.

Sue says: Wow! This is terrific, Rosario. What a great way to help out during the pandemic! You rock!


Kim Do

Kim D., San Jose, CA (Daily Volunteer) says:

Our local Habitat of Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley has been working with the City of San Jose to help build Bridge Housing Communities which is assisting with the city's shelter crisis.  This past weekend, my husband and I and a handful of other volunteers (all social distancing and wearing masks) helped build two cabins.  My husband and I insulated one cabin and applied sheetrock over the insulation.  It was rewarding to see so many committed members of the community form and work together to aid others facing housing hardship.

Sue says: This is a great gift to the homeless, Kim! You and your husband are truly making a difference for many people in that area! Thank you for your service.



Emilia Quintanar


Emilia Q., Tijuana, BC, Mexico (Daily Volunteer) says:

Hi! I’m reaching out because I don’t know if what I’m doing counts, I’m a surgical resident which means I’m not required to work on the Covid Ward, but I’ve volunteered to work extra hours in the Covid Ward so I can help there because my colleagues are swamped so that’s what I’m doing for my volunteering, can’t take pictures of patients because of my hospital’s rules but here you go some of myself in full PPE gear.


Sue says: Of course that counts, Emilia! Thank you for all you do, in and out of the COVID ward. And I love the Superman and Wonder Woman gear. That is awesome!


Deb Wan

Deb W., Camden, CT (Daily Volunteer) says:

I volunteer weekly at my local animal shelter. I am the President of the volunteer group, which is a lot of admin work, but I also get to walk all the adoptable dogs! The best part of volunteering is getting to know the dogs and seeing them get adopted. This is me with Thomas, a 7-month-old dog, he is very cute and very friendly!

Sue says: Awesome, Deb! Thomas is so very cute. Thank you for taking the time to help take care of him and all the other animals at the shelter until they find their forever home.


Laura Priddy, Michael Mueller, Heather Priddy

Laura P., Michael M. and Heather P., Escondido, CA say: 

We helped out at Saving Animals & Healing Hearts. It’s an animal sanctuary in Ramona. We helped feed pigs, donkeys, a cow and horses. It was great getting to help out somewhere.

Sue says: Thank you for your submission to the Comic-Con Volunteer Challenge and for your service to Saving Animals & Healing Hearts. I volunteer for a horse sanctuary from time to time, so I know how important volunteers are to animal rescue organizations. They are lucky to have you!!

Mark Chu-Lin

Mark C., Burbank, CA (Department Volunteer) says:

I lead a group of Marvel cosplay volunteers that includes efforts in pediatric service as I share in my group's pediatric service panel, "Causeplay - in Service to Others" for Comic-Con@Home. While my folks and I cannot physically visit with pediatric patients and their families, we are reading stories and sending encouraging words to pediatric facilities like Shriners Hospital for Children (Pasadena and Sacramento), Ronald McDonald House (San Diego, Los Angeles and Sacramento), CHOC Children's, U.C. Davis Children's Hospital, U.C. Irvine Health, LAC + USC Medical Center, Stanford Children's Health | Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford and other such facilities.

Sue says: The work your group is doing with all of these kids is really impressive. This photo and the ones at the end are from the UC Irvine Medical Center's Burn Victim Holiday Party. You are all SuperVolunteers and Super Heroes!!


Comic-Con International
Here are a couple of SuperVolunteer Dynamic Duos who are making and distributing much needed masks to family, friends and various organizations.
Shari & John Ciancio

Shari and John C., San Diego, CA (Department Volunteer) say:

My husband John and I volunteered our time and materials to make 40 face masks which were donated to Jewish Family Services, San Diego, Safe Parking Program. We are working with the Facebook Group, San Diego Facemask Sewing Group.


Sue says: This is terrific! Face masks are so important right now so I thank you both for making them for those who are in need. Great fabrics, too. Fabulous!


Anastasia Hunter

Anastasia H. and Kevin P., San Diego, CA (Department Volunteers) say:

Greetings! We have been making lots of masks that we have donated to family, friends, friends of friends, postal lady, Food Bank, senior homes, and hospital that provided the free pattern - Unity Point.

Sue says: I have been a recipient of some of their masks. I got a Snoopy one, a Batman one and a Guardians of the Galaxy one (Groot!). Awesome! And, of course, I love the kitty laying on the masks (see photos at the end).


Well done, everyone!! We want to do a virtual shout out with a huge THANK YOU to all of our SuperVolunteers as well as all the wonderful volunteers we have every year at Comic-Con. We couldn’t do it without you. We miss you all and hope to see you in person at Comic-Con in 2021!!