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Tech Tips and Other Prep

Comic-Con 2023 Registration Update Toucan

Set your alarms and get ready! Bright and early this Saturday, November 5, Comic-Con 2023 Open Registration will commence. So read through these last minute tech tips and other prep items, check those passwords, and get excited! The waiting room will open at 8:00 AM PDT, and badge sales will begin shortly after 9:00 AM PDT. We can’t wait to see you there!

Password Check

Making sure your password is correct will help save vital time on the day of Open Registration. If you have not logged in to your Comic-Con Member ID account for a while (i.e. since Comic-Con Special Edition or WonderCon 2022) you will likely be prompted to update your password (see image below). Even if you have logged in recently, we recommend double-checking so that come sale day, there is no speed bump getting into the waiting room.

Credit Card Information

Picture it: you’ve been granted a registration session, have badges in your cart, and you see the clock ticking down on your session! Let's rewind to a few days prior to November 5, when we recommend updating and saving your credit card information in your Member ID account so that, come the day of the sale, you can use your allotted 15 minutes for more important elements – like do you snag that elusive Wednesday Preview Night badge or did you select the right badges for your mom?

For visual guidance in saving your card information, follow the steps below:

Email Check

To help avoid any issue that may arise the morning of Open Registration, make sure to log in to your Member ID account prior to November 5. To find the email associated with your account, check under your name in the upper left corner in your account dashboard. If you’re not using the most up-to-date email for yourself, you can update your email address under “My Account Information.”

Entering the Waiting Room

On November 5, the virtual waiting room will open at 8:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). All you’ll need to do is arrive at the Member ID Portal between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM PDT, and from there you’ll be brought into the waiting room with no additional steps. You will not need to log in while in the waiting room. Only if you are selected for a registration session anytime after 9:00 AM PDT will you be prompted to sign in.

If you happen to be logged in to your Member ID prior to the waiting room opening, click “Open Registration” in the top menu bar after 8:00 AM PDT.

See the waiting room timeline below for easy clarification.

Entry to the waiting room does not guarantee you a registration session. Not all members will be selected for a registration session.

Status Messages

While in the waiting room you’ll be provided with registration tips, silly jokes, and live badge inventory updates via the status messages. As badges are purchased, the status messages will reflect in real time the current badge availability. Keep your eyes peeled for these so that you can plan your 15 minute time allotment accordingly if granted entrance to a registration session.


For the easiest experience, we highly encourage using your laptop or desktop for Open Registration. Our badge registration system is not formatted for mobile devices, iPads, or tablets. Comic-Con is unable to guarantee that the registration system will behave as expected using a mobile device.

Approved and Tested Browsers

The Queue-it waiting room and badge registration system have been tested on the browsers listed below:

  • Firefox: Latest Version

  • Google Chrome: Latest Version

  • Internet Explorer: Version 11 Only

  • Safari: Latest Version

  • Microsoft EDGE: Latest Version

Before November 5, make sure that your browser is up to date. Only these browsers have been tested, which will aid in having the easiest and smoothest results. Should you use a browser not listed above, we cannot guarantee your results.

Don't Refresh

We understand that waiting can really encourage the urge to refresh your browser but Resist Resist Resist! The waiting room will automatically and internally refresh every 30 seconds, providing you with the most up-to-date information via the status messages. Technical difficulties may occur if you do decide to refresh your browser.

Power Saving Settings

Don’t let your screen take a nap while in the waiting room or a registration session! Prior to the badge sale, make sure to double check your computer's power saving settings. If your computer’s screen does fall asleep and you get booted from the waiting room, don’t worry! You can log back into your Member ID account and you will be returned to the waiting room in the same spot you left in.


One last thing … Please don’t try to cheat the system. We go to great lengths to deter scalpers, and our tolerance for waiting room shenanigans is no different. ​​If we detect that a participant has shared their waiting room information or URL, they will be removed from the registration queue and any transactions linked to it will be canceled immediately.

If someone in your group attempts to obtain a registration session in a dishonest or deceitful manner, all badges in the order will be canceled, including yours.

If someone in your group attempts to later sell or scalp their badge, all badges in the order will be canceled, including yours.


Check these items off as you go and you’ll be ready to participate in this Saturday’s badge sale. See you back here tomorrow with your final list of study materials!

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