The Toucan Team of Monthly Columnists

One of the goals of our new Toucan blog is to bring you content that adds to your awareness and enjoyment of comics and the popular arts. We’ve gathered a team of four monthly writers, each of them well known in the comics industry, to write about various topics for Toucan. We’re happy to introduce you to the “Toucan Team” of contributors!

For the first month, we’ve asked our contributing writers to tell us what they love about comics. Starting January 8 and running each Tuesday for the rest of the month, they’ll tell us how comics have impacted their lives and careers. Our regular schedule of Tuesday posts will begin on February 5.

The Toucan Team of columnists are:

Maggie Thompson
Maggie Thompson (Maggie’s World: first Tuesday of every month)

Don and Maggie Thompson were among the pioneering fans in the 1960s who published amateur magazines devoted to comics. Their fan activities included (but were not limited to) Comic Art and Newfangles, participating in the All in Color for a Dime and The Comic-Book Book collections of comics articles, and a column for The Buyer’s Guide for Comic Fandom. The duo was hired to edit Buyer’s Guide when it was sold to a Wisconsin publisher, and Maggie continued to edit Comics Buyer’s Guide following Don’s death. She remains active in the field today as both collector and essayist. In the course of things, she has received an Inkpot Award, the Bob Clampett Humanitarian Award, the Diamond Lifetime Fandom Award, the Alan Ackerman Award, and the Friends of Lulu Women of Distinction Award. She has also co-written (with Don) and written solo a handful of published comic-book stories, including a four-issue Dark Shadows arc.


Steve Lieber
Steve Lieber (Dilettante: second Tuesday of every month)

Steve Lieber studied art at the Joe Kubert School. His comics and illustration have been published by DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, Dupuis, Scholastic, and many other publishers, but he's best known for his work on Whiteout, a graphic novel adapted by Warner Brothers as a feature starring Kate Beckinsale. His current project is illustrating Alabaster, a dark fantasy series at Dark Horse. His various projects have received nine Eisner Award nominations, and he won the Eisner for Best Limited Series for Whiteout Volume 2: Melt. Steve's a founding member of Periscope Studio, the largest studio of comic book artists in North America. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, the novelist Sara Ryan. For more info, visit

Marc Bernardin
Marc Bernardin (Devourer of Words: third Tuesday of every month)

Marc Bernardin has been a managing editor of Starlog magazine, a consulting editor for Fangoria magazine and a senior editor for Entertainment Weekly and He just wrapped up his first season as a television writer, for Syfy’s Alphas and is currently an editor for The Hollywood Reporter as well as a blogger for sites like,,, and He’s also a comic book writer, having authored or co-authored Static Shock (DC), X-Men Origins: Nightcrawler, Wolverine (Marvel), The Authority (WildStorm), The Highwaymen (WildStorm), GENIUS (Top Cow), Hero Complex (Kickstart), and Monster Attack Network (AiT/Planetlar). Some of those books are being adapted for the screen, while others are quite content to look quite handsome on a shelf. All of the following are true: He has sat in James T. Kirk’s chair, gotten drunk with Mal Reynolds, and been flipped off by Xena.


Katie Cook
Katie Cook (You Can Draw . . . With Katie Cook: fourth Tuesday of every month)

Katie Cook is a comic book artist and writer from Michigan. She has done work for Star Wars, The Jim Henson Company, Marvel Comics, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and more, as well as her popular webcomic, Gronk. You can find her online at and

Rick Geary
Rick Geary (Toucan artist)

Toucan artist Rick Geary is a long-time contributor to Comic-Con and has been a freelance cartoonist and illustrator for 40 years. His illustrations and graphic stories have appeared in National Lampoon, MAD, The New York Times, Heavy Metal, Disney Adventures, and many other publications. His graphic novels include the biographies J. Edgar Hoover and Trotsky, as well as nine volumes in the series "A Treasury of Victorian Murder," and five volumes in "A Treasury of 20th Century Murder," the latest of which is Lovers' Lane.  Rick and his wife Deborah live in Carrizozo, New Mexico. For Toucan, Rick has created a whole new series of illustrations featuring the Comic-Con bird.