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Toucan Turns 5 Today!

Comic-Con International's Toucan Blog, the Only OFFICIAL Blog of Comic-Con and WonderCon

Five years ago, on Dec. 12, 2012, at approximately 12:12 PM, Comic-Con International launched a massive redesign of this website. While the website had been in existence since the mid-1990s and had undergone redesigns before, this was the first time we included that ubiquitous corner of the Internet known as “the blog.” Yep, Toucan launched 5 years ago today!

In the very beginning, someone on a message board about Comic-Con commented something like “we’ll see how long they keep this up.” Well, it’s 5 years later and we’ve published close to 1,000 posts (that’s almost 200 per year, once we broke out the abacus), including 30 consecutive days of “Toucan Tips” for 5 straight years (2013-2017) for Comic-Con and WonderCon (and a couple of years—2013 and 2014—for APE, the Alternative Press Expo, when we still ran that event), numerous “Registration Update” posts, recaps of our Graphic Novel Book Club meetings, interviews with creators, special guest announcments and programming previews for our events, and much, much more.

We’d especially like to thank our 4 faithful regular contributors, Maggie Thompson, Steve Lieber, Marc Bernardin, and Katie Cook, all of whom recently reached the golden 50+ post mark. Maggie Thompson is one of the founders of comics fandom and the former editor of Comic Buyer’s Guide and writes regularly about comics history and collecting for Toucan. Her monthly “Maggie’s World” post appears the first Tuesday of each month. Longtime comics artist Steve Lieber is the co-creator of Whiteout and The Fix (currently being published by Image Comics), and writes each month about comics art. Steve appears the second Tuesday of each month. Marc Bernardin, a pop culture editor and writer, who also has written comics (including Genius and The Highwaymen), talks about writing on the third Tuesday of each month. And Katie Cook, who does the “You Can Draw” feature with step-by-step tutorials, is a fan-favorite artist known for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and Gronk. Katie appears the fourth Tuesday of each month. We thank them all for providing us with great monthly content for the past 5 years! (Click on the links to see all of their content over the past 5 years!) Our own "Fantastic Four" of contributors is taking a much deserved break this month, but they'll be back in the new year!

Comic-Con International's Toucan Blog, the Only OFFICIAL Blog of Comic-Con and WonderCon


We’d also like to thank artist Rick Geary for the amazing Toucan art he's produced for us. Rick has been drawing the Comic-Con Toucan for over 30 years now. Each year we feature one of his illustrations on a special T-shirt at Comic-Con, and 2018 will see the debut of another new one!

Finally, it takes a lot of people to put this blog together and we thank everyone at Comic-Con for helping day-in and day-out over the past 5 years. We guess this blog thing is here to stay!

Remember, Toucan is the only OFFICIAL blog of Comic-Con International and WonderCon Anaheim, and your first choice for news about our upcoming events. Stay tuned for much more Toucan as we head into the new year!