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Toucan's One-Year Anniversary!

Comic-Con International's Toucan Blog

Original Toucan art by Rick Geary from the mid-1990s.

One year ago today—12/12/12—the new version of the Comic-Con International website launched. (We like to think of it as 12/12/12 at 12:12 PM, but in reality, it was a little bit later than that exact hour and minute). And along with that we also launched our official blog, Toucan.

We remember one of the first comments we read about Toucan on another site. It was something on the order of, “Now they have a blog. We’ll see if they actually update it on a regular basis.” Well, we’re happy to say we have indeed been updating it. Over the past year, Toucan has had over 200 posts! Toucan has become the go-to source for all things related to Comic-Con, WonderCon Anaheim, and APE, the Alternative Press Expo, including guest announcements, tips for attending, interviews with guests, photo galleries, first looks at our show program book cover art and official T-shirts, and much more, including exclusive content.

We’d like to thank our regular columnists who have provided us with great weekly content: Maggie Thompson (“Maggie’s World”), Steve Lieber (“Dilettante”), Marc Bernardin (“Devourer of Words”), and Katie Cook (“You Can Draw … with Katie Cook”). Their continued contributions—Maggie on the wonderful world of comics and collecting; Steve with valuable insight and info for any artist, seasoned pro or talented newcomer; Marc with advice for writers, including how to pitch and promote your work; Katie’s delightful drawing tutorials for artists of all ages; and of course, artist Rick Geary, who’s charming Toucan art really classes up the joint—have helped make Comic-Con’s Toucan blog a destination for exclusive, original content on a weekly basis.

What’s ahead in 2014? More interviews with our shows’ special guests (2013’s exclusive interviews included Mark Waid, Maggie Thompson, Terry Moore, Chris Samnee, Bud Plant, and Colleen Coover); more columns from our Toucan Team of correspondents; more Toucan Tips for helping you navigate all three of our events (WonderCon Anaheim, April 18-20; Comic-Con International, July 24-27, and APE, October 4 and 5); and lots more, including some surprises. For those of you new to Toucan, check out what you’ve missed by clicking on any of the Category links at the top of the right sidebar. They’ll take you to everything we’ve posted in the last year by author or event.

Thanks to everyone who has helped make Toucan such a great success … we hope you’ll continue to visit and enjoy our blog over the coming year, and for many years to come!