Validate Your Child Badge with Christopher Robin!

Comic-Con International Registration Update

Comic-Con is ex-Pooh-berantly proud to offer one of the most generous child badge policies in the industry! Children age 12 and under are free with a paying adult! Children do not need to register for a Comic-Con Member ID to receive a complimentary badge. That means Pooh Bear, Piglet, and Roo can attend Comic-Con for free, without registering for a Member ID!

Of course, little ones don’t stay little forever! Have you ever wondered when your child will need to start attending Comic-Con with a junior badge instead of a child badge? Is your child turning into a funny-smelling giant like Christopher Robin? To accommodate the transition from child to junior (age 13 – 17), we have set a static date to determine who is considered a child for Comic-Con 2019. If your child was age 12 or under on July 31, 2018, you do not need to buy a junior badge for Comic-Con 2019, and they may still attend as a child with a paying adult. If your child was age 13 or older on July 31, 2018, you must create a Comic-Con Member ID and purchase a junior badge to attend Comic-Con 2019.

Oh, Bother! Think! Think! Think! What to do indeed! To put it simply, children who were 13 or older as of July 31, 2018, and attended Comic-Con 2018 with a paid adult, must purchase a junior badge if they wish to attend Comic-Con 2019. But fear not, silly old bear! They may be eligible for Comic-Con 2019 Returning Registration!

So, first things first! A Comic-Con Member ID is required for every badge purchase. If it is indeed time to create a Member ID for your child, please make sure to select "Junior" as the membership type. The junior’s birth month and year will be requested. Click here to sign up for a Member ID today!

Now, let’s play one of Pooh’s favorite games, “Say What You See”: House. Clouds. Lanyard. Comic-Con 2018 child badge. Quick! Grab that child badge you have saved from Comic-Con 2018! You’ll need it for what we’re about to do next.

Once you have created a Comic-Con Member ID and confirmed the email address, grab your 11 o’clock snack (a smackerel of hunny, anyone?) and log in to the newly created Member ID account. Select the “Registration Info” tab and enter the child badge number. Fortunately, your child badge should be near so you don’t have to venture into the Hundred Acre Wood or worry about running into any heffalumps to retrieve it. The badge number is located on the back of the Comic-Con 2018 badge, under the emergency contact phone number. All child badge numbers start with a "900", “901”, or “902” prefix. You will need to select the correct prefix from the dropdown list and enter the remaining characters in the field that follows. You do not need to input the dash. The deadline to validate a child badge is September 6, 2018!

Maybe you’re a step ahead of us and your kid is already set up with a junior Member ID account. If that’s the case, great! You deserve a larger helping from Rabbit’s hunny pot. Just log in to the existing Member ID account and follow the steps above.

If you find that the child-to-junior link isn’t visible, no need to exclaim “Oh, D-D-Dear!” The birthdate may not be in the correct range for child-to-junior validation, or you may have accidentally selected “Adult” for the membership type during account creation. Please use the "contact us" feature well in advance of the September 6, 2018 deadline to correct your membership type or birthdate. Remember, only children who attended Comic-Con 2018 are eligible to participate in the child-to-junior badge validation process. No grown up woozles or imposturous imposters allowed!

Now, validate that child badge before September 6, 2018 and then go out and play a game of Poohsticks!

Hoo-hoo-hoo, let's bounce!