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Where Did Your Favorite Company Go?

Every morning in the 30 days leading up to Comic-Con (from June 18 to July 17), we’re going to offer our “Toucan Tip of the Day,” a tiny tidbit of terrific information that we hope will help you enjoy the show just a little bit better. Sign up for our RSS feed (click the button on the right sidebar) to get all of our tips and stay informed on upcoming news about Comic-Con 2013! To view all of our Toucan Tips, please click on the “Tip of the Day” link under Categories at the top of our sidebar on the right.

Toucan Tip of the Day

If you’ve looked at our CCI 2013 Exhibit Hall map (click here in case you haven’t . . . and shame on you; there will be a quiz!), you may have noticed that some of the companies have moved out of their traditional spaces this year. The floor has been slightly rearranged to remove some of the crowding issues we’ve encountered in the past. The video game companies have moved from the bayside of Hall G over into Hall A. The art dealers have been moved closer to Artists' Alley and the Illustrators Area; look for them beginning at aisle 4200. The vinyl and collectible toy area has also moved and has been expanded. You can find them with the other artists in Hall G. So if your one big thing about coming to Comic-Con is visiting these great booths, look for them in their brand new locations, all highlighted with color on the Exhibit Hall map.