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Comic-Con 2022

Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award

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What comes to mind when you think about comics? Fantastic stories and amazing art?  Talented writers and artists? Blockbuster movies and popular TV series?

There's another part to the comics world, the comic book stores. Will Eisner, pioneer of the graphic novel art form and creator of "The Spirit", believed that comic book stores are a vital link in bringing the wonderful stories and exciting artwork to the reading public and we at Comic-Con International agree with him.

Just as we celebrate the best in writing, art, and publishing with the Will Eisner Comics Industry Awards, we recognize stores that do an outstanding job of supporting the comic art medium both in the industry at large and in their local community with the Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award.

Comics fans around the world have the opportunity to nominate their favorite stores here on the Comic-Con International website. The 2022 Award will be given out as part of the Will Eisner Comics Industry Awards on Friday evening, July 22, 2022 at Comic-Con.

This year we are modifying our acceptance criteria for the Spirit of Comics. Last year several stores that had been awarded the Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award in the past had been nominated again. Up until then a store was only allowed to win once. This policy has been revised and now a store that has received the award in the past will be eligible to be nominated again if they meet certain criteria. In order for a previous recipient to be eligible, they must be either: A. Operating under new ownership for at least two years or B. It has been ten years since the store received the award. It is our hope that these additions to our acceptance criteria will inspire comic stores to continue to improve, evolve, and engage with their communities.

You can nominate your favorite store! Click here to read the nomination guidelines and to access our online nomination form.

The deadline for nominations is April 23, 2022, so hurry and nominate your favorite store now!