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WonderCon 2023 Toucan
 Attention all WonderCon attendees!

We are excited to announce that your badges are in the process of being shipped out! In order to ensure a smooth process, all badges will ship in waves. This can mean that while you and your friend purchased badges together, they may be shipped at different times. All the staff here is eager for the upcoming WonderCon and we are sure that you are too!

In order to be fully prepared, we strongly encourage you to read more about badge shipping details. This will help ensure that you have all the information needed to make the most out of your convention experience. Whether you’re a first-time attendee or a seasoned pro, having the right information will make all the difference. So be sure to read on and stay informed!


WonderCon 2023 badges are shipped via UPS Mail Innovations in partnership with the United States Postal Service (USPS). This helps ensure the timely and efficient delivery of the badges to the intended recipients.

For your convenience, you can track the delivery status of your badge into your Member ID account! 

To check the status of your badges, follow these steps:
1. Log in to your Member ID account.
2. Look for the blue menu bar at the top of the page, and hover over “Account.”
3. When a dropdown menu appears, click “My Badges.”
4. Above your WonderCon 2023 badge order will be a blue Shipping button. Click that blue Shipping button.
5. A smaller “Shipping Info” window will pop up. Within this window you will find your Shipping Status, Shipping Address, Tracking Number, and Items in Shipment. If you want further information on your tracking, click the Tracking Number and you will be redirected to a USPS page with further up-to-date details. 

That’s it! By following these steps, you’ll be able to track the delivery status of your badge and stay updated on its progress.


Badges will be shipped in waves, meaning that they may not arrive at the same time for everyone. Even if you and a friend ordered badges together, they may arrive at different times, so make sure to keep an eye on your mailbox! Additionally, all badges will be delivered in a discreet and plain package to maintain confidentiality.

All badges will be mailed to the “Primary Shipping Address” in your Member ID account as of the badge shipping deadline - February 15, 2023


Once badges are in transit they can not be reshipped or rerouted to another address. If you have not received your badge in the mail by March 13, 2023, you can report it as undelivered. For detailed information on Badge Shipping instructions, Click Here

No matter the reason your badge was not delivered – from getting lost in transit to having been eaten by a demogorgon – our team will promptly disable your undelivered badge once we are notified of your badge situation.This allows us to seamlessly create a replacement badge for you on your first day on-site. Reporting your badge as undelivered ensures that the replacement fee will be waived prior to arrival. For a replacement badge, make sure to bring your badge confirmation email and valid photo ID. Please note: badges that have been disabled cannot be used for entry into the event.


Unfortunately, we cannot ship to any international addresses. All international attendees can pick up their badge on-site in Hall D of the Anaheim Convention Center. Badge pick-up begins on Thursday, March 23, 2023. To pick up your badge, make sure to bring both a valid photo ID and your badge confirmation.


Badge confirmations that contain a barcode will be emailed a week or so before WonderCon 2023. If you are having trouble finding your badge confirmation for WonderCon 2023, follow these steps below to get it resent:

1. Log in to your Member ID account.
2. Click HOME in the menu bar.
3. Click “My Orders” in the left menu bar (below your personal information).
4. When your WonderCon 2023 badge information appears, look for a yellow “Details” button and click on it.
5. After the new page appears, find the blue “Resend Confirmation” button and click on it.
6. It will then state “Email will be sent to” [ your email will be autofilled here ]. From here press the yellow “Send” button. At this point you have completed resending yourself a Badge Confirmation Email!

It's important to have this confirmation, as it will be needed along with a valid photo ID in case your badge is not delivered for any reason. With this confirmation, you will easily be able to pick up a replacement badge on-site.


We’re stoked for this year's bags, books, and lanyards! While these complimentary items cannot be shipped prior to the event, you will be able to collect them in Hall D of the Anaheim Convention Center on the first day you arrive. Keep an eye out on our front page for all the newest information.

We are proud and excited to provide a free badge for children age 12 and under! With every purchased adult badge, up to two child badges may be registered. Children may be registered for free on-site at the Registration Area located upstairs in Hall D. Children must be present at time of registration. Please check out our Child Badge Policy page for all information.

For badge pick-up hours, click through to our Badge Pick-Up page. For all other badge shipping inquiries, reference our Badge Shipping page.