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WonderCon@Home SuperVolunteers: Round 1

Comic-Con International
Here are the first WonderCon@Home SuperVolunteers who have stepped up and made a huge difference in their communities. Not surprisingly, you'll notice a running theme of volunteers helping out with the fight against the pandemic:



Roman B.

Roman B., San Diego, CA says:

"I have been a volunteer at two organizations for some time now and continue to volunteer at the San Diego Blood Bank and the UCSD Health system COVID-19 Vaccination Sites.

My next shift at Petco Vaccination Station is tomorrow and at Blood Bank on March 22. It is quite rewarding to help others in these difficult times of pandemic. :-)"

Sue Lord (Director of Volunteer Services) says: "This is really awesome, Roman. Thank you so much for being a SuperVolunteer and helping in not one, but TWO areas that are very much in need of help right now."

Shirley P.

Shirley P., Los Angeles, CA says:

"Helped out the company CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort) with COVID 19 testing. Duties include registering and checking in patients, answering questions, along with guiding them with the shallow nasal swab process."

Sue says: "A short description for doing A LOT of things to help A LOT of people deal with the pandemic. You are a SuperVolunteer and we thank you for helping so many."

Jen T.

Jen T., California, says:

"The organization I volunteer for is CERT. CERT stands for Community Emergency Response Team, and we are local volunteers who train for disaster preparedness year-round. During the pandemic, we were activated to food distribution sites, food banks, and now vaccination sites. We might not be able to perform the actual injections, but we can do everything else! Line management, information, registration, and supplies restocking, same skills I've perfected during years of volunteering for WonderCon and Comic-Con. I believe the more we can help our communities during times of needs, the faster we can get together again."

Sue says: "WOW! Sounds like a great organization! I knew those years of volunteering at our shows would come in handy and now's the time when we need all hands on deck. Thank you for all that you do Ms. SuperVolunteer!"

Danielle A.


Danielle A., San Diego, CA says:

"I have been volunteering as a bilingual computer intake person at a vaccine supercenter. Some days there are 3,000+ patients, other days 1,000+. We are mostly volunteers and it is a lot of fun. Very positive experience for everyone."

Sue says: "This is terrific, and I know that those thousands of people are so grateful for your help. You're a SUPERVolunteer at a vaccine SUPERcenter."

Stay tuned for Round 2 later this week!